Many of us are losing our hair, or at least don’t have the luxurious, thick we hair we had when we were younger. The reason for this is something called “minimalization.”

This process occurs when the hair bulb gets smaller and slips out of the hair follicle. This hair loss is consistent with the aging process.

So the question of the day is: “Why is my hair thinning and how do I stop it?” Hormones seem to be a primary culprit.

There are many ways to conquer this problem.

With men, the cause is generally a depletion of testosterone. Male pattern baldness can be slowed by an over-the-counter or salon product if it’s caught early and the follicle has not died.

Similarly, women can experience hair loss caused by hormone depletion, along with stress, diet, thyroid and medicine.

B complex vitamins are helpful for stress – even if it’s just stressing about your hair thinning.

Protein is the major component of the hair, so protein in the diet helps keep your hair stronger and healthier.

Have your thyroid checked. If you’re on thyroid medication, that could be the culprit.

Also check the side effects of any other medication you’re taking. If hair loss is among the side effects, ask your doctor if there’s a different medication you could take.

If these solutions don’t help, you might try salon products that will clean the hair follicle and any build-up that might be choking up, and then a serum that contains all the food your hair needs to stay healthy and grow better.

If your issues continue, consider having blood and saliva tests done, which can also tell where you’re deficient so that you may supplement with natural creams, compounds and vitamins.

You might need a prescription medication for more intense ways of combating the problem.

If all that fails, there is something called PRP, platelet rich plasma, an injection given by a doctor to the scalp. This is a remedy that’s becoming popular. You can get more information from a plastic surgeon or dermatologist about this.

One more remedy it is actual hair replacement. Hair can be taken from the back of your head, which is more permanent, and replace it hair by hair into the thinning areas – usually at the hairline and the part. This can be done for both men and women as well.

Again, you need a qualified professional to do this.

It takes a good consultation and a lot of research to decide what your best course of action is. My suggestion is to get the basics in check. And then start early with the right products so you’re not trying to replace what’s already gone.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton.