Lately I have been hearing from newcomers to our area. Welcome to all, and thank you for reading.

I’m going to reiterate some tips for our new readers and for reinforcement to my loyal readers and clients. Sometimes you need to have some repetition to remind you. I know I do.

Let’s start with the end result we strive to accomplish for a great hairstyle. The upside-down triangle shape of the haircut is what needs to be achieved, in order to bring attention to the eye and cheekbones.

Just about any length is OK at any age, as long as this shape is maintained. The right-side-up triangle is a “don’t.” This shape draws the eye to the chin and jowls. This is not really flattering on anyone over 12.

The major complaint I hear daily is that you spend time drying and styling your hair, only to have it go flat in 15 minutes. The problem seems to be that most everyone is styling too soon and stopping too soon.

Even when your hair feels dry, it isn’t. There is moisture that hides between the hairs. Don’t begin styling from the beginning. Put mousse – the only styling product that is critical for any lift – on the roots where you want volume.

Blow, blow, blow the hair. No brush. Just blow the hair in the opposite direction of the way it wants to go.

When the hair feels dry is when you use your brush to style the hair. This will get all of the hidden moisture out and keep your style in place. Hair will not hold any style if there is any moisture.

A salon shampoo and conditioner are the most important things to keep your hair healthy and your color lasting longer. Inexpensive shampoo and conditioner are filled with wax and oils that take up room in the bottle but only build up on the hair.

The cheap products might have a few good ingredients, but these products will strip the hair of its nutrients and color. They may be less expensive, but they will cost the integrity of the hair. Less of good is better than lots of something not so good.

For styling, I have no problem with tools like a flat iron or curling iron. They just need to be used properly to be useful to achieve lots of the styles that are popular today.

If you have regular trims, don’t color your own hair. Give up a restaurant lunch and have a professional cut and color. It will last longer and you’ll look and feel much better.

Happy holidays to all!

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton.