George Hirsch, Jr. and his mother and co-author Carrie Hirsch of Hilton Head Island have launched “The College Student’s Vegetarian Cookbook: 100 Easy Vegetarian Recipes to Prepare on a Budget, in Tiny Kitchens, with Dull Knives, Microwaves and Distractions While Earning a Degree!”

The book is the third in their series of cookbooks for college students.

The co-authors began writing the cookbooks while George attended the University of Georgia. “My son endured claustrophobic kitchens, temperamental ovens, rusty stovetop coils, and decrepit refrigerators during his college days,” said Carrie. “We quickly realized college students could use some help in the kitchen.”

In addition to creating original recipes, they also wrote dozens of tips and anecdotes and included food and college lifestyle photos. “As you know, eating (not necessarily eating well) is such an integral part of college life but depending on fast food and buying processed food have become a bad habit once students come off their meal plans,” said George. “The College Student’s Vegetarian Cookbook provides recipes for every meal, and what to make for the parents when they come for a visit in the ‘Impress The ’Rents’ chapter. Mastering the basics of cooking and baking, as I did at home with my family before leaving for college, will help college student survive during their college years and beyond.

The cookbook is available at and