The house is for sale! Or is it? I think that Hubby has worked out a deal with our crackerjack Realtor, Renee.

Realtors can parade a few people through the house from time to time – they don’t have to be interested in the house at all. What does that accomplish?

I keep the house neat and clean, don’t have any messy projects going on, and have the kitchen ready for a House Beautiful photo shoot.

My friend Wanda (you’ve met her in past columns) is not going away. A few weeks ago she came over, boldly walked into the house and said, “Looks nice, where are you living?” followed by “Do you know that your house echoes?”

Well, if a Realtor suggests that you get rid of all your treasures but what she really means is junk, your house will echo.

Our daughter and her husband very kindly drove over from Alabama with a large trailer and promptly started to load up stuff. Told me I was selling my house and a display of my stuff (junk) was not necessary.

So they loaded up all my art stuff and turned the sunroom into a sunroom. What a concept!

But to be fair, all of Hubby’s magic stuff magically disappeared also.

She took the six extra chairs that were crammed in the Carolina room. She had the idea that a couple did not need seating for 12 in addition to a dining room for eight, seating for six in the sunroom and eight more on the lanai. (We have a church group that likes to eat sitting down.) So she took some of that.

A few years ago, a friend (Wanda again) had a dilemma. She was going to be organizing jewelry for the church bazaar and needed a place to set up. It was going to take weeks and would be a mess.

“Hey Margaret, can we use your house? This is going to be a mess. You will never notice.” Well, she was also looking for my labor and refreshments. She got everything she was looking for.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to have your bed made up, ironing board put away, meals made and look like you don’t use the kitchen – and still have a life?

So I think that Hubby’s plan to have me think that Realtors are going to parade people through the house is working.

Did I mention that in small print in the sales agreement will be the stipulation that on the Fourth of July people will show up to watch the fireworks from the lanai?

Not to worry – they all bring lots of refreshments, but they will be wanting ice.

I’ll leave the plastic cups in the kitchen when we go.

Margaret Griffin has lived in Sun City Hilton Head for 17 years.