For some parents, it’s like Valentine’s Day every day. Or at least every week.

Cathy Ulmer likes to slip little notes into her kids’ lunchboxes. When she has to work late, she leaves notes on their pillows so they know she is thinking about them.

“If their day is going good, then maybe it will make them smile more,” Ulmer said. “Or if their day was rough, it will help ease their sadness with a little reminder.”

As a pharmacist and owner of Ulmer Family Pharmacy and Wellness Center in Bluffton and a mother of three, Ulmer stays pretty busy. When she’s not filling prescriptions, she’s volunteering at her children’s school or chauffeuring the kids around to various activities.

But no matter how busy or exhausted she is, Ulmer takes the time to hang out with her three children and makes sure they know they are loved. The Ulmers like to go for hikes in the woods, go kayaking, boating, fishing, crabbing, or just snuggle up in front a movie together.

Bluffton father and owner of Barbers of the Lowcountry Brent Nelsen makes it a point to spend quality time with his three children, doing what they like to do, even if he doesn’t have the same interests. It’s how he shows his children that he loves them.

Nelsen and his children love playing games together. They enjoy playing Monopoly, Spyfall, various card games or a good old-fashioned game of football.

Brent also likes to periodically ask his kids, ages 13-20, a specific question to see how he is doing at fatherhood.

“I would ask them if there is one thing they can change about me or if there is one thing I can change that would make me a better father, what would it be?” Nelsen said. “It’s a humbling question, but I feel it does two things – lets me see me through their eyes and shows my children that I care enough to get their opinions.”

Pat Calhoun of Bluffton said she and her husband, Bob, display their love to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchild by sharing their faith in Jesus Christ. They pray together through life’s trials and blessings, which makes for a close-knit family.

“Prayer is what has kept our family loving one another, laughing hilariously whenever we are all together for some occasion, and working through the problems of life because even Christians have problems,” Calhoun said.

Amy Coyne Bredeson of Bluffton is a freelance writer, a mother of two and a volunteer with the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance.