To the Editor:

Our parents attempted to set positive examples in raising their family. Like you, my wife and I did likewise with our children. Love, honesty, integrity and tolerance for others were among the principles taught.

In contrast, the image our Congress and Administration portray is one of dislike, arrogance, obstinacy and greed.

Joseph Nye, former Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, states that Washington’s dysfunctional party-line politics creates short-term fixes and promotes anti-consensus, thus weakening our political system.

He suggests that this may cause the end of the American Century (1914-2014) dominance in the world.

John Cassidy, New Yorker Magazine political journalist, sees a paradox of American power where the biggest challenge to America comes from America itself.

Further, the foundation of America’s government competes between liberty and efficiency, and since liberty wins out, the expected inefficiencies are further compounded by the partisan political paralysis.

Both Nye and Cassidy agree that our polarized party system, with constant partisan standoffs, must be addressed to find a pattern of common ground and progress in meeting our county’s future needs. It is suggested that supporting independent and third party candidates could ease this gridlock.

I personally endorse the grass-roots approach now going on in each state utilizing Article V of our U.S. Constitution to hold a Convention of States. This project, independent of Congress, now has 26 state applications of the required 34; the major thrust – term limits. I encourage you to sign the petition at

Earle Everett

Hilton Head Island