To the Editor:

A recent newspaper article entitled “Complaints dying down about trash” included the conclusion that “new schedules are working well.”

It quoted the Beaufort County Solid Waste Management Director as follows: “… complaint level has basically disappeared. Most people have adapted.”

What a major erroneous conclusion to be drawn.

I highly suspect that, if polled, most county residents would vastly prefer that the County go back to the previous hours at the trash/recycle centers. We’ve stopped complaining because no one in the County cares to listen to us about this issue.

While both the words “adapted” and “acquiesced” begin with the letter “a,” they certainly are not synonymous and neither mean “agreed with.”

It’s just like beating your own head against the wall. Sooner or later you get the point that no on else cares and you’re only hurting yourself. So you discontinue this practice.

If complaining stood any chance of changing the hours, in my opinion, the complaints would certainly continue.

Michael F. Vezeau


To the Editor:

We would be speaking German and Japanese if President Roosevelt had been of the same ilk as President Obama.

During World War II, if Obama became president and his campaign promises were to end the wars with Japan and Germany and withdraw our troops on June 15, 1944, as he did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Similarly, his war strategy submitted to Congress against ISIS is for three years, announcing not to use ground troops, type of weapons and where and when we will bomb.

Is this a new strategy? Obama reminds me of Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberland, who wanted peace at any price and accepted Hitler’s terms.

Can you imagine Roosevelt informing Hitler that we would land 100,000 troops on Normandy on June 5, 1945? This battle was the biggest and most decisive of World War II and the turning point in winning the war.

Can you imagine if we had the atom bomb and Truman told the Japanese we weren’t going to use it to bomb their cities?

I just finished reading Bill O’Reilly’s book “Killing Patton” and from what I gleaned, Patton was probably our best General. When he went into a battle, he used every man and weapon available and his motto was to win and not just contain the enemy, as Obama’s strategy seems to be.

I wish we had a Patton alive today, not as a General but as our Commander in Chief.

Vince Sgroi


To the Editor:

At one time we were subjects of a foreign country, England.

The Revolutionary War rescued Americans to be free and independent citizens. Our Founding Fathers made the country to be owned by We The People.

All three sections of government, separate from each other – executive, legislative and judicial – are servants of the people. Oaths by those elected to office are heard by everyone.

Our charter and Constitution state that citizens have individual rights to property, which is one’s body, home, land, possessions. Any person elected to office serving the people cannot legally dismiss his or her oath and trample upon the rights of the people.

So said the United States of America, the Founders declared and wrote for our ownership of rights. All of our rights are morally good; we have a legitimate right to our personal property, one’s own.

Now, according to law, if anyone illegally falsifies, touches you, removes or takes without permission, one can call police, as it is illegal.

A question regarding right of property: One’s body is personally owned. Where in the Constitution does it state that government can overrule or change rights of citizens? It can’t. The people own the nation, not government.

Walter F. Heydt

Springfield, Ga.