To the Editor:

Dr. Ben Carson rightly sounds a warning about the threat of Islam, the prevailing majority of Muslims. We are facing the most insidious ideological threat in our history. That threat is Sharia, the comprehensive legal, economic, military and political framework of Islam. It is incompatible with the Constitution and U.S. Law at all levels. Our nation is founded on the Rule of Law. The Constitution, “The People’s Law,” is the system of justice whereby the People make or accept the laws by which they live. Conversely, Islam’s rule of law is Sharia, an immutable compulsory system where Islamists are required to install it wherever they live and to require everyone to obey Sharia Law. Failure to do so is deemed a damnable offense against Allah. Sharia is their cause and Islamists are on fire for it! It will be achieved, whether by jihad or by exploiting freedom of religion as camouflage to manipulate and infiltrate American politics and our law. The Muslim principle of “al-Taqiyya” further exacerbates the threat to our system of government. Sadly, politically correct professional politicians accede to Islamic demands. We need to elect leaders who will take the oath “to protect and defend the Constitution” seriously. Dr. Carson knows what we’re up against and has the courage to say so.

Jack and Jane Kenny Bluffton