To the Editor:

Bluffton High School parents should demand that the Beaufort County school board fire its superintendent because Mr. Moss continues to make one bad decision after another. We are all aware of his indiscretions and memory lapses relating to his wife’s fiasco, and the school board did nothing.

We are also aware that against the wishes of the majority of Bluffton parents and residents, Moss chose to build a new high school rather than expand Bluffton High School, and the school board did nothing.

In addition, Moss intentionally used outdated cost factors when estimating the cost of the proposed school, resulting in a 35 percent underestimation of the school’s construction cost. Even with the 35 percent underestimation, the new school was still the most expensive option considered, and it has yet to be completed. So Moss’s folly is being built, and the school board did nothing.

Now Moss is transferring all 2016 juniors and sophomores residing in the new school zone to his new school. Students and athletes who have spent up to three years with classmates and teammates will now be separated.

Mr. Moss, you were told from the very beginning “No new high school.”

New high schools should be opened without a senior, junior or even a sophomore class. That would be in the best interests of the students in the community.

Parents, don’t let the school board do nothing; demand that Moss be fired.

Tony Amadeo


To the Editor:

We are supposed to learn from past mistakes.

In 1994, President Clinton negotiated an agreement with North Korea to give-up their ambitions to develop a nuclear bomb. Not only did they develop a bomb but developed a missile capable of reaching the United States.

Instead of learning from our past history, Obama signed a similar agreement with Iran, which is the biggest terrorist nation in the Middle East. One of the terrorists involved in the Paris massacre was a Syrian refugee.

Based on this, Obama should stop 10,000 Syrians from entering our country. Instead, he’s insisting they be allowed entry even though it’s impossible to vet them. He compared them to the Pilgrims fleeing England because of religious persecution.

He failed to mention that the early settlers stayed and fought the English and won their independence, while the 10,000 Syrians (who are mostly military-age men) are fleeing their country when they should be fighting for their freedom.

Can you imagine if 1 percent are ISIS terrorists mingling in with these refugees? Recently, a California husband and wife radical Muslim terrorist team killed 14 Americans, wounding 17. How much havoc would 100 be able to accomplish? The wife was allowed into our country with a visa and was vetted.

The Boston brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon were also vetted.

If we couldn’t keep track of these three who were properly vetted, how can we keep track of 10,000 Syrians?

I wonder about Obama’s priorities.

Vince Sgroi