To the Editor:

My head exploded reading a letter entitled “Clinton’s qualifications dwarf Donald Trump’s” from an uninformed Hillary worshiper. He states as First Lady, her accomplishment was an “attempt” to start a health program, blaming the GOP for non-passage.

During this period, the Democrats controlled the Senate, House and Presidency and didn’t pass her program because it was too radical.

Benghazi investigation is still on-going. During the hearings, it was revealed that Hillary lied to the American people and the families of three Americans killed, stating that the attack on our Embassy was the result of a video.

There are 1,600 emails deemed classified, 22 of which were top-secret, 18 involving President Obama that were considered too sensitive to be released (FBI is investigating).

Democrats continue to blame President Bush for the disasters that occurred during their tenure throughout the Middle East, Russia etc.

In the 1980s, New York City attempted to rebuild the Wollman ice skating rink. After five years, and $12 million over budget, they called on a young Trump to bail them out. Trump built their rink in six months, finishing $775,000.00 under budget.

Can you imagine what he can accomplish with our country’s finances?

He raised himself from a second-tier developer in New York City to a multi-billionaire. Hillary has also become a millionaire, accepting millions from foreign countries, which she’s being investigated for.

Who would you want running our country, a proven successful Trump, or Clinton who was First Lady, an ineffective New York senator and a disaster as Secretary of State with no accomplishments?

Lee Sgroi