To the Editor:

Palmetto Animal League (PAL) is immensely grateful for a significant donation from Hilton Head Lexus/Chatham Parkway Lexus as a result of their December to Remember campaign.

The dealership donated $100 to PAL for every new car sold or leased during December. PAL was thrilled to receive $3,900 from Hilton Head Lexus and $3,600 from Chatham Parkway Lexus.

Their generosity did not stop there. In 2015, Hilton Head Lexus also held a car wash and pet adoption event raising $440. In addition, they sponsored our annual charity golf tournament with a donation of $2,000, bringing their total contributions for the year to an astounding $9,940.

We are overwhelmed by the generosity of Hilton Head Lexus/Chatham Parkway Lexus and their dedication to improving the lives of the animals in our community. Their donations will allow PAL to provide vital care for hundreds of abandoned cats and dogs.

Palmetto Animal League is a private, non-profit animal rescue organization that relies solely on donations, fundraising events and the PAL Thrift Store in Sheridan Park to give every animal a second chance at life. PAL also operates an Adoption Center and Community Clinic in Okatie where we provide all animals with food, water, shelter, veterinary care, emotional support, enrichment, socialization and much more as we prepare them to be adopted into a loving home.

The tremendous success of Hilton Head Lexus/Chatham Parkway Lexus’ fundraising efforts is a true testament to the caliber of this company as a whole. All of us at PAL, especially the animals, are grateful for the chance to be partnered with such an outstanding company.

Fred Liebert

Chairman of the Board

Palmetto Animal League

To the Editor:

Unfortunately, the majority of the members of Beaufort County Board of Education have demonstrated by recent actions that they’ve learned nothing from the hiring and nepotism issues which plagued the District during the last six months.

This is also true of Superintendent Jeffrey Moss who at a Board meeting whined that the “facts” haven’t gotten out and then failed in his letter to care to provide those convincing “facts.”

The overwhelming negative public reaction to these issues has been totally ignored. More importantly, the focus during this long time period has been distracted and time taken from concentrating on educating children to defending the District and Board.

Now we’re faced with the “new” nepotism policy where Superintendent Moss could hire his wife, Darlene, as long as she didn’t report directly to him, and the Board would have no recourse. In spite of the previous overwhelming negative public reaction to this type of hiring, it appears a majority of the Board would have absolutely no interest or concern if this were to occur.

When asked if he intended to hire Darlene, I’ve been led to believe that the Superintendent had no answer. He could have put this potential issue to bed by just saying “no.” Now we wonder what might occur.

My conclusion is that a majority of the Board and the Superintendent continue to show disdain for the thoughts of the voting public. I’ll be interested in how voters react in future Board member elections and on proposed school bond issues.

Michael F. Vezeau