To the Editor:

Palmetto Animal League’s seventh annual Bid for PAL Online Auction was a huge success, raising more than $54,000, which will be used to support PAL’s rescue, rehabilitation and adoption programs at its Adoption Center and Community Clinic in Okatie’s Riverwalk Business Park.

We are extremely grateful for the community’s enthusiastic response to this fundraising event, especially the 520 registered bidders who participated and the over 700 donated items we received from our wonderfully generous donors.

Thank you also to our sponsors: Brown Golf, Mortgage Network, Heritage Golf, Sawmill Creek Smokehouse, Palmetto Dunes, Hilton Head Boathouse, The Vacation Company and The Bluffton Sun/The Hilton Head Sun.

The success of the auction would not have been possible without the commitment of co-chairs Wendy Schlegel, Mary Lynn Peacher, Cheryl Raugh and Pam Dyer, plus the 30 hard-working volunteers who canvassed the community for auction items and also administered the auction.

And thank you to The Bluffton Sun/The Hilton Head Sun for helping us reach the audience we needed to make this auction a success.

Our sincere thanks to all of the auction participants – donors, volunteers, bidders, sponsors and media.

Fred Liebert

Chairman of the Board

Palmetto Animal League

To the Editor:

I recently read that Hillary is the most qualified candidate we have had in the last 54 years because she attended daily briefings as Secretary of State. I’m not making this up.

It doesn’t mention one accomplishment.

Her Russian re-set was a disaster. During the Arab Spring she was instrumental in the removal of Hosni Mubarak from Egypt, who was our only Arab ally in the Middle East for 30 years. She was instrumental in the removal of Mommar Gadhafi of Libya, who was cooperating with us.

In Syria, Obama drew a red line in the sand, which President al Assad crossed with no retaliation. In Benghazi, Hillary lied as to how the attack on our Embassy started, blaming a video that killed Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans.

Since her involvement as Secretary of State, the Middle East has become a disaster.

Our main issue is the economy. How would her daily briefings on foreign issues help in generating jobs? While Senator of New York, she promised to generate 200,000 jobs; she generated zero.

She’s good at making money for the Clinton’s foundation. During her period as Secretary of State, her husband made millions giving speeches in foreign countries and their foundation is worth over $200,000,000 (FBI is investigating).

As Sanders keeps repeating, her speeches to Wall Street and the banks must have been zingers to be paid $250,000. (She refuses to release the transcripts.)

In comparison, businessman Trump has generated tens of thousands of jobs, which is what our country needs.

Lee Sgroi