To the Editor:

Aside from the lack of any signage at the intersection of Highway 170 and Bluffton Parkway, the disregard by the SCDOT for any maintenance along the recently widened portion of 170 is appalling.

I have emailed them to no avail, requesting maintenance on the median as well as the curbside areas where, as of this writing, the weeds are almost three feet high.

Not once since the widening and paving was completed has the SCDOT done any trimming or trash pickup on the stretch between 278 and Bluffton Parkway, and probably not on the remainder leading to the circle at Route 46. Whether it’s a lack of funding or too many inadequate people running the department, we deserve better.

Also, when they eventually decide to add signage, wouldn’t it be prudent to have visible signs prior to the actual intersection as well? As I travel through other states, the warning signs that are usually about 700 feet before the actual intersection offer such information as “Next intersection, …” It would certainly help avoid last-minute lane changes by people unfamiliar with the area.

Bob Alberti


To the Editor:

Open letter to all law enforcement, everywhere:

Somewhere along the way, lots of things changed in our country. Law enforcement, of utmost importance to all, is what changed the most. When we were kids, our parents told us that if we ever were in trouble, we should find a uniformed policeman.

It seems that advice like that is no longer the case.

Apparently. our police seem to have taken up a position of doing as little as possible while waiting for retirement, and to just “follow orders.” What happened to the oath they pledged when they came out of the academy?

They appear to have taken a position of working for the tax collector with their fancy radar traps on roads where statistics show low, or no danger, knowing they won’t get shot.

And why there are so many 10-car pile-ups on our interstate highways? When did you see anyone get a ticket for tailgating at 80 mph, 10 feet apart?

What happened to our citizens in California by rioting mobs, while the police looked on and did little or nothing, should be an embarrassment to all officers in America.

They were told to “stand down”? They were “following orders”? Give me a break! That’s what the Nazi soldiers in WWII Germany said about pushing all those people into the gas chambers and ovens, “I was only following orders.”

I’m a strong believer in “Cops Lives Matter,” but you guys, and gals, better shape up, or ship out!

Norman Shapp