To the Editor:

Three thoughtful letters about election dilemmas in a recent newspaper prompt me to add my 2 cents about what history teaches about our two parties and three levels of government: big city, state, and federal.

Consider big cities’ financial conditions first: it’s bad. Washington, Baltimore, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, and Atlanta have the highest debts per capita. Four of them also lead in urban crime rates.

Turning to states in the worst financial condition we find California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Maryland among those at the top.

At the federal level national debt is almost 20 trillion – doubling under Obama after large increases under Bush as he charged Afghan and Iraq wars on VISA.

What has led to this situation? Looking at the above cities and states, one finds that almost all have been governed for decades by Democrat-controlled administrations that have followed a tax-and-spend cycle toward financial ruin.

Not all cities and states have done so. In the best condition are Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, and Alaska, states that have not been Democrat-dominated.

These examples, which have been clear for years, ought to give voters a good picture of which party governs more responsibly and deserves the White House in 2017. Don’t these facts outweigh Trump’s repeated intemperate remarks by a wide margin? We badly need an outsider in Washington.

Bruce Tennant


To the Editor:

I am amazed Republican legislators and local writers know more about the law and evidence gathered in the Benghazi and email investigations of Hillary Clinton than FBI Director James Comey, FBI agents, Department of Justice prosecutors, the U.S. Attorney General, and law professors.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is criticized beforehand that she would honor Comey’s decision. Then they criticize Comey for delivering his findings and recommendation, and not bringing criminal charges against Secretary Clinton.

Comey stated over and over, he and his investigative FBI agents did not find evidence to support prosecuting Clinton.

He even challenged those criticizing his decision to find one federal prosecutor that brought such an indictment of someone doing something similar to Clinton’s case.

Comey also stated that Clinton’s servers “may” have been hacked, but the FBI could find no supporting evidence. Contrast that with the secure servers of the FBI, Office of Personnel Management, countless other federal and state government agencies and many large U.S. corporations being hacked, and the evidence to prove those intrusions. Perhaps Clinton’s servers were more secure than all the others.

As of 2015, $18,331,790 has been spent by seven Republican-chaired committees investigating Clinton and the Benghazi tragedy. The figure is still growing, and this does not include the millions spent by the Department of Defense in the thousands of hours researching and providing documents.

Republicans, stop the nonsense and get down to the business of legislating.

Paul Russo