To the Editor:

The bike path on New River Parkway is a gem. Ten miles round trip and much of it is in the shade, which makes it great in the summer heat. However, where it crosses the three developments are large curbs, which mean you have to stop and get off or risk blowing a tire. Even the three wooden bridges have lips that jolt your bike.

Meanwhile, the new bike path along 170 is a smooth delight no matter what it crosses. Surely all Bluffton’s bike paths should offer the same – especially now that the new high school is open along New River Parkway.

Alison Shenkus


To the Editor:

This letter is being written on International Literacy Day – Sept. 8.

More than 36 million American adults struggle to read, write, do math or use technology. In Beaufort County, that number is 11,000. The Literacy Center strengthens literacy in Beaufort County by providing people with the reading, writing, math and speaking skills to be successful in the community, workplace and family.

We are proud to be Beaufort County’s only nonprofit adult literacy organization. Our Family Literacy 360 program is offered at 4 locations and we have helped 6 other organizations start family literacy programs. We serve more than 600 students a year at eight sites.

This year, students arrived for registration over an hour early to guarantee class placement. There is a waiting list. They want to learn to read to their children, live healthy lives, get better jobs, a GED or become citizens.

Last school year, our students reported being responsible for over 1,200 dependent children or aging adults. Educating adults has a huge ripple effect in our county.

Family Literacy 360 seeks to help break the intergenerational cycle of low literacy. Parents and their children attend class each week to learn literacy skills together. A mother’s level of reading skill is the greatest determinant of her child’s academic success. These children are students in local schools and are the future of our community and country.

You can read this letter, but there are others who don’t have that ability. Help us recognize Adult Education and Family Literacy Week Sept. 26 to Oct. 1. Please support literacy in Beaufort County with your time, talent or treasure.

Pam Wall

Executive Director

The Literacy Center

To the Editor:

With so much discussion about candidates this election year, important information may be getting lost in the shuffle.

Consequently, the League highly recommends that voters and potential voters go to Everyone who is a resident, a citizen and 18 years old by Election Day can register to vote or change their address on that site.

The site also provides lots of information including sample ballots, voting places and instructions on voting absentee. Many people don’t realize that voting absentee is available for a wide range of reasons, not just being away from home.

To make sure there is ample opportunity to register to vote by the Oct. 8 deadline, the League is conducting a series of voter registration drives, including ones at the Technical College of the Lowcountry and Hilton Head High School on Sept. 27, National Voter Registration Day; and at Burgers and Brews at Shelter Cove from 10 to 5:30 on Oct. 1.

To help voters become informed, we are planning forums for candidates for Hilton Head Island Town Council and the Board of Education, as well as a forum on the Beaufort County and school tax referenda.

More information about the League’s registration drives, forums and questionnaires will be available at

The Beaufort County Board of Voter Registration and Elections can be reached at 843-255-6900 in Beaufort or 843-255-6940 in Bluffton.

We encourage everyone to be registered, to be informed and to vote Nov. 8.

Fran Holt, President

Oleta Harden and Ruth Wilwerding, Voter Service Co-chairs

League of Women Voters of

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton Area

To the Editor:

Trump became the Republican nominee for President because the American people are tired of politicians promising and not delivering.

He’s not part of the Washington elite establishment who are terrified of losing power resulting from a Trump victory. He’s a successful businessman generating thousands of jobs.

Hillary has been part of the elite establishment for 35 years. She is corrupt, her life has been full of scandals, deception and lies. She would do anything for money, i.e. renting the Lincoln bedroom.

Some of her scandals extend from Whitewater, Benghazi, transmitting top secret and classified emails on her private server and the Clinton foundation debacles.

She’s lied under oath to Congress and the FBI regarding transmission of top secret and classified emails.

In her interview with the FBI, she couldn’t remember (taking the fifth?) answers to 40 questions. She is an attorney, was a Senator and held the third most powerful position in the US as Secretary of State and claimed memory loss. She’s either incompetent or a congenital liar. She claims memory loss and wants to hold the most powerful job in the world.

As Secretary of State, while being paid by taxpayers, she sold her time to lobbyists and foreign countries. She hasn’t been prosecuted because she has the protection of the Obama administration.

FBI Director James Comey sent Martha Stewart to jail for lying about insider trading and Hillary is running for President. There’s something wrong with this scenario.

Don’t look at Trump’s personality, look at his platform.

Vince Sgroi


To the Editor:

I find it quite amusing that a recent letter writer states he is an “independent voter” but then goes on to spew forth all the unsubstantiated right wing radical charges that have been brought against Hillary Clinton.

This “independent voter” has probably not voted for an Independent or Democrat in the past 30 years. He purports to be an independent because he believes it demonstrates his objectivity. The man can’t even be honest with himself.

With all the accusations that have been thrown against Clinton over the past 30 years, she has to be the smartest women in the country to have eluded those accusations; or there is not one competent Republican that is able to substantiate any of those charges.

Even FBI director James Comey stated there was no evidence of any chargeable offences. He did accuse her of acting recklessly, but when pressured he could not support those accusations with hard evidence.

The FBI also could not find any evidence that Clinton’s computer servers were hacked. Yet there is hard evidence that the FBI, other federal and state governments, and large corporation’s computer servers were hacked. Maybe they should use Clinton’s servers.

The writer states Donald Trump is a successful businessman. This “successful businessman” has in effect stolen money from his employees and subcontractors through his bankruptcies. Not to mention the money he stole from students at his “trumped” up university.

He would be a fine role model for our children and grandchildren, if we lived in Russia.

Tony Amadeo


To the Editor:

In 1987, rumors of infidelity forced Democratic presidential hopeful Gary Hart to suspend his campaign due to media scrutiny. Imagine that.

However, in 1992, America elected a known serial sexual predator.

In 2008, America elected someone about which we still know nothing save the damage he’s done to this country.

In 2016, America may elect Hillary Clinton, a documented serial liar as president, while myriad scandals including callous dereliction of duty as Secretary of State regarding Benghazi, wholesale disregard for the nation’s security through clandestine personal email servers, perjuring herself before Congress, and influence peddling through the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation, swirl around her.

New scandal disclosures are unearthed almost daily. The Associated Press reported that Hillary Clinton personally met with 85 of 150 of her top CGI donors totaling $154 million.

The reason? Follow the money.

After having lied throughout her email server probe that all pertinent documents were released, the F.B.I. has uncovered 15,000 additional ones. Her reply was “What’s a few more emails?”

A further Teflon attempt to escape responsibility by claiming Colin Powell, former Secretary of State, encouraged her to do it, has been exaggerated. She was already using her private server a year before the fabricated conversation.

Conservative watch dog group Judicial Watch has replaced the media for uncovering, through the Freedom of Information Act, political chicanery and malfeasance on the left.

Can America survive another four years of lies,endless scandals, judicial arrogance and fraudulent financial self enrichment.

Don Maresca