To the Editor:

The un-American Democrat Congressmen and Congresswomen spoiled crybabies (70) acted up like children as they boycotted Trump’s inauguration (they weren’t missed) claiming Trump isn’t our legitimate president. For love of country, suck it up; he’s our president.

They act like the kid on the playground with his ball and if you didn’t play his game would take his ball and leave.

Instead of acting like adults and accepting the results of the election, they want to impeach Trump. The charges for impeachment are treason, bribery or other crimes and misdemeanors. As president-elect, he saved and generated thousands of jobs; negotiated with companies not to move to Mexico. Do the Democrats consider these accomplishments to be impeachable?

They had a recount, blamed WikiLeaks, FBI Director Comely and the Russians for hacking into our system. I haven’t heard of any votes being changed from Hillary to Trump in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan or Florida.

They’re insistent that Russia hacked into our election and allowed Trump to win without any proof or explanation. They thought Hillary would win and were devastated when she lost and can’t accept the results. They are still pouting like children.

The inauguration should have been an anti-partisan event with the world watching as we used to be an example as how a democracy and the smooth transfer of power works.

For the past eight years, the world saw that we have become a weak country and now they know part of our government is made up of crybabies.

Vince Sgroi