To the Editor:

Could this be Trump’s new slogan, make Putin the greatest? Trump excitedly selected Exxon’s Tillerson for secretary of state. Assuredly few U.S. citizens are closer to Putin than Tillerson.

Against national security interests, CEO Tillerson’s company Exxon lobbied against sanctions on Russia.

Putin, former head of the FSB, developed skills making him very effective at Economic Warfare. He understands destroying U.S. dollars traded for oil on the world market, limits U.S. military power. Oil producing countries (OPEC) use surplus petrodollars to purchase U.S. debt securities that fund America’s military.

In1971 Nixon announced the OPEC agreement; all oil worldwide would be traded in U.S. dollars. America’s dollars will no longer be backed by gold. Instead U.S. dollars will be backed by oil. This allowed U.S. to print unlimited money.

Petrodollars influence U.S. foreign policies. Take Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria and Russia, all wanting to end U.S. dollars for oil, favoring gold backed currencies.

U.S. has imposed military attacks or economic sanctions over opposition to petrodollars. Saddam announced Iraq would no longer trade petrodollars for its oil. U.S.invaded Iraq and saw to Saddam’s execution.

The U.S.backed Libya’s political revolutionaries killing Gaddafi. He wanted gold dinar traded for oil, not U.S. dollars.

So what purpose would Trump have buddying up to Putin, who clearly, intends on ending America’s petrodollar, terminating this country solvency?

The removal of sanctions strengthens Russia’s leverage over Europe’s energy dependence, weakening America’s influence. We know Trump’s business partners filed bankruptcy while he made off with millions.

Bill Mahaffey