To the Editor:

On behalf of the Berkeley Hall Charitable Foundation, I’d like to thank our compassionate Berkeley Hall community and several local business sponsors, especially our Presenting Sponsors, BMW of Hilton Head, Kroger and Arthur Rutenberg Homes, for their generous support of the 2017 Berkeley Hall Charity Cup Golf Tournament.

The funds raised during this year’s Memorial Day event pushed the total funds raised by the BHCF since its inception in 2008 to over $1 million.

Our mission is to make a difference locally by helping to address the basic human needs of the greater Bluffton community. We award grants to local nonprofit organizations through a rigorous grant application and evaluation process to fund specific projects.

Over the past nine years, the BHCF has made 80 grants totaling nearly $850,000. The money raised by the 2017 Berkeley Hall Charity Cup will fund deserving projects in 2018 to support greater Bluffton’s most vulnerable residents.

Applications for the 2017 grant cycle (funding 2018 projects) are now available online at www.BerkeleyHall

The 2016 Grant Recipients (funding 2017 projects) are: Backpack Buddies of Bluffton, Bluffton Self-Help, Bluffton-Jasper County Volunteers in Medicine, Boys and Girls Club of Bluffton, Child Abuse Prevention Association, The Children’s Center, Hope Haven with Citizen’s Opposed to Domestic Abuse, Deep Well, Family Promise, Heroes on Horseback, Hospice Care of the Lowcountry, The Literacy Center, Lowcountry Legal Volunteers, Meals on Wheels, Memory Matters, Neighborhood Outreach Connection, Programs for Exceptional People, Second Helpings, and Volunteers in Medicine Hilton Head Island.

Jim McCarl

BHCF Chairman

To the Editor:

Try as I may, since the election, I’ve failed to identify any positive proposal Democrats have brought to the table, since in fact they have no interest in sitting at the table.

Doubling down on their shift to the left, and still licking their post election wounds, they endorse their supporters taking to the streets, wreaking havoc.

Republicans were as devastated by Romney’s loss, but they moved on. That’s what adults do.

The left’s primary goal, aided and abetted by “fake news” is a 24/7 assault on President Trump, be it FBI Director Comey’s termination, for which the Democrats were screaming before the election, or the unconstitutionality of the president’s one dollar salary.

Using odious terms like “Fascist,” “Nazi,” “KKK” and “Hitler” demonstrates the depths of depravity to which they’ve degenerated. The latest catchword, “resistors,” born of Hollywood and street rioters, denotes all anti-Trump, all the time. Democrats seized upon the term and made it their own.

If anyone doubts in which direction the party is careening, Tom Perez as new DNC lays that question to rest. Someone saying “white people are not entitled to protection under the voting rights act because it would create dramatic complications” is their choice for party leader.

Blinded by ideology, six months after the election, they are still in denial and lash out like children. While voters grow weary of their sophomoric contrivances, the party blunders toward irrelevancy.

Don Maresca


To the Editor:

NPD is the abbreviation for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It is not a mental illness, is difficult to cure, and presents challenges for the people who have to deal with those that have the disorder. So says The Psychological & Counseling Associates of the Lowcountry in a recent article in this paper (May 2, 2017), also supported by the American Psychiatric Association and Mayo Clinic.

Characteristics of NPD include pervasive grandiosity, extreme desire for attention, inflated sense of self-importance, self-absorption and lack of empathy for others’ feelings.

Further, a person with NPD spends a lot of time thinking about their appearance, often takes advantage of others and focuses on achieving power. They may feel overly entitled, are distrustful, lack remorse, are emotionally detached and have an insatiable need to be the center of attention.

This person is easily offended, needs constant reassurance, seeks out compliments, has an ego easily hurt and often does not see himself as having these problems.

The article goes on to say, causes for a person developing into a narcissist can be traced to a spoiled or dependent childhood that leads this spoiled-dependent type to believe that rules do not apply to him.

As a conservative Independent, I found the foregoing explanation of Narcissistic Personality Disorder the most accurate description to date in identifying and describing the behavior, characteristics and actions of our leader of the free world.

Pray for our country and our President, that he can overcome these negative traits and successfully lead our country.

Earle Everett

Hilton Head Island