To the Editor:

Kudos to Mayor Lisa Sulka for the thoughtful editorial she wrote in the Sept. 19 issue of this newspaper.

When so many of our leaders seek to divide our nation, Mayor Sulka focuses on what brings us together. Bluffton is a diverse community, but with so many of us living in gated communities it could easily be a divided one.

Thanks to the skillful leadership of Mayor Sulka, many of the members of our town council and local volunteer organizations, Bluffton continues to be a place where the “Bluffton State of Mind” means unity and cooperation.

JoAnne Gatti-Petito

Hampton Hall

To the Editor:

As Bluffton American Legion is preparing to sponsor their third annual Veterans’ Day Parade, the need for a Veterans’ Memorial Park comes to the forefront as being a major issue.

Both the residents and visitors to the Town of Bluffton must travel to Beaufort or Hilton Head in order to attend and be part of any Veterans’ Day Ceremony. It would be a wonderful conclusion to the Parade to be able to conduct a ceremony right here in town.

Local artist Doug Corkern has made a drawing of the proposed Memorial, and American Legion Auxiliary members have forwarded it to the town, along with petitioning town council members for an appropriate site. Officials have said the Memorial is on the capital agenda and will come to pass, but as of this date have not given a specific site nor timeframe for this to happen.

It seems that it is time that concerned citizens contact their town officials to let them know just how their constituents feel regarding this important step in town history.

Kay Ranta

Chaplain, American Legion Auxiliary

Bluffton #205

To the Editor:

In response to a letter to the editor in the Sept. 6 issue of this paper: Firstly, President Trump never stated that there was a moral equivalency in reference to the all the groups that participated in the Charlottesville demonstrations.

President Trump said that there were good people and bad people on both sides of the conflict. That is 100 percent correct.

There were good people demonstrating against taking the confederacy statues down and there were really bad people – White Supremacists expressing their distorted views.

On the opposing side, there were good people expressing their approval of having those monuments removed; they were peacefully expressing their views. But there were some very bad people demonstrating their Ideological Supremacy views.

People are very familiar with the White Supremacists and their open disdain and hatred for non-whites, Jews and minorities. Most folks are not as familiar with the views of Ideological Supremacist groups such as Antifa. They are equally violent and hateful.

They are rooted in communist ideology and methods, and get their funding from extreme left organizations. Their mission is silencing anyone with differing views and ideas.

The more than 640,000 slaves brought to the United States suffered greatly. We should remember that. But don’t forget the millions of people killed, thousands of families destroyed by communism (mine included) and entire countries enslaved by this ideology of resentment, class and racial warfare and religious suppression.

The Nazi movement (National Socialist German Workers Party) thrived criticizing income inequality and other popular ideas. I am glad President Trump denounced both extremes.

Tony Fernandez

Hilton Head Island and Miami

To the Editor:

Pundits from all sides have declared our President’s agenda to be in jeopardy. Sadly, his administration abounds in turmoil, much of his own making, questioning his competence to lead our country. Contempt, deceit and alienation of others, together with his troubling narcissistic personality [NPD] is embarrassing, hurtful and destructive.

Our President’s dangerous, impulsive tweets continue to feed the media, whose opinion and often biased points of view contribute further to our exasperating dysfunctional government in Washington.

A Wall Street Journal editorial, “The Buck Stops Somewhere Else,” stated the most effective opponent of Trump’s presidency is Donald Trump! Charles Krauthammer, noted National Review Columnist, wrote, “the President without a party has only himself to blame.”

This failure of the executive branch puts additional pressure on our legislative branch, Congress, to solve our nation’s many problems. Let’s call it an opportunity and stop fighting and start fixing!

David Brooks’s New York Times editorial entitled “What Moderates Believe” says moderation is a way of coping with complexities of this world. That is, moderates – not the far left and far right populists – can break the gridlock by compromise, negotiation and good old independent common sense.

The Washington Post reports that lawmakers are making an effort to collaborate through a special Congressional committee, The Problem Solvers Caucus, made up of 20 Republicans and 20 Democrats, whose purpose is to restore bipartisanship to the governing process. We must encourage Congress in this cooperative endeavor in addressing our nation’s challenges while we, society, stop bickering with ourselves.

Earle Everett

Hilton Head Island