To the Editor:

Hopeful Horizons, the local Children’s Advocacy, Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center, would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Bargain Box thrift shop and all of its volunteers and patrons for the generous grant we received. This grant has enabled Hopeful Horizons to continue to fulfill its mission to protect, treat and prevent.

Support from the Bargain Box increased our capacity to provide services to individuals and families in our community. Last year alone, we provided 4,769 nights of emergency shelter to 185 women and children fleeing domestic violence.

Additionally, we responded to 6,867 calls on our 24-hour hotline and provided 412 forensic interviews in alleged child abuse cases. Funding from The Bargain Box has been vital to our ability to provide these critical services and programs.

Thank you to the Bargain Box for partnering with Hopeful Horizons to provide life-saving assistance 24/7 and for ensuring that evidence-based services are provided to victims at no cost. With your support, we will end abuse and save lives.

Shauw Chin Capps

CEO, Hopeful Horizons

To the Editor:

A scripture reading in church recently, Genesis, chapter 6, the Noah’s Ark story, described God’s anger with what he sees happening in the world. “Wickedness, violence, corruption, evil and depravity everywhere” compels him to flood the earth and his people.

Do we not see the stark similarity between the degradation of society as described then, and our present society? Today, greed, dishonesty, lack of civility and moral integrity abound. Distrust and an uncompromising partisanship permeate all facets of life.

Wake up America! Whether believers or not, we had better recognize the precariousness of this situation, committing ourselves in the process to changing society’s dangerous direction – don’t expect a “Noah’s Ark” salvation to repeat.

We need to become more viable and vocal, taking a more responsible position toward what affects our lives, applying a common sense approach while promoting consensus in moving our country forward, building a more hopeful future.

How can we accomplish this goal? Get actively involved in your community, church, school system, local and national government. Support actions by volunteer groups that can provide answers to society’s problems. Encourage new, fresh thinking candidates to run for public office. Make a positive contribution to society.

Too idealistic, you say? Is your glass half empty? Don’t be a pessimist. Be part of the silent majority that recognizes the challenge and steps up.

There is strength in numbers. We can make a difference if we are willing to try.

The alternative is not acceptable. We will deserve what we get!

Earle Everett

Hilton Head Island

To the Editor:

A recent opinion in this paper by Mr. Sgrio listed several instances where he favored past activities and actions conducted by citizens.

I, too, look back and favor the following past activities:

I favor individuals running for our highest office to be qualified for that position.

I favor those in that highest position to conduct themselves as intelligent individuals, not creating divisions but taking steps to bring citizens together.

I favor those in that position not to have over 1,300 lies or half-truths in the first eight months of office.

I favor the days when our president did not demean prisoners of war.

I favor the days when our president would not state he would have better insurance policies for all, at lower premiums, with better coverage, when insurance experts proved just the reverse.

I favor those days when writers did not include lies such as claiming an exiting administration organized “secret organizations to resist the incoming president.”

Facts appear to have been forgotten since the inauguration of our president. But “alternative facts,” best described as lies, run rampant with this administration and his followers.

I can’t favor those who state “false news” when videos prove what was said. When the president states “I believe Obama’s birth certificate is fake,” “three million illegal immigration votes,” “largest inauguration crowd,” “health insurance for all, better coverage and lower premiums,” all should rank as the highest fake news since inauguration.

I favor those days when we could trust that person in the highest position of the land.

I miss those days.

Dale Thompson


To the Editor:

Is breathing clean air important to you and to your family members?

If it is, know that air quality as it relates to open burning in South Carolina is a serious health issue.

Open burning occurs when unscrupulous site prep companies clear land for either a new or existing neighborhood.

After trees are cut down and logs hauled away, the rest of the tree stumps and debris are burned in a pit dug for that purpose; the resulting smoke pollutes the air we breathe.

Because of continuing growth in our state, this affects all of us. South Carolina’s open burn laws must be changed.

We also want existing open burn laws consistently enforced by local law enforcement with penalties tough enough to convince site prep companies not to pollute our air.

Open burn smoke is toxic. It creates ozone and particle pollution.

The EPA states that ozone and particle pollution causes unhealthy breathing conditions.

The EPA also states that the pollution may cause reproductive harm. Developmental harm. Respiratory harm. Cardiovascular harm. Central nervous system harm. Cancer.

In diabetes, particle pollution has been shown to increase stroke and heart attack risk and likely causes early death.

We want the burning caused by site prep companies stopped.

We want industrial wood chippers and stump grinders used to clean up debris left behind when land is cleared.

The only way change will happen is if our state legislators understand that the people of South Carolina are serious about the importance of breathing clean air.

You can help by signing our petition at:

Kathy Capuano

Helene Kugit