To the Editor:

Each day, national and local companies have a choice – a choice to reach out and make a difference in the world.

On Oct. 12, Subaru of Hilton Head hosted its second annual SubieStock concert event benefitting Palmetto Animal League. Over 150 people enjoyed free food, beverages, door prizes and live music by the Jerry Garcia tribute band “Shakey Bones.”

Fee-waived pet adoptions were made possible through a generous grant from the ASPCA, and thanks to Subaru of Hilton Head, BOB 106.9, Rewind 107.9, WSAV, The Bluffton Sun and The Hilton Head Sun, a total of 19 shelter pets found their forever home that week. In addition, event attendees filled a Subaru with pet food and supplies for the PAL Adoption Center and donated a grand total of $2,622!

As a private, non-profit, no-kill animal rescue organization, PAL relies solely on community involvement and investment by charitable “Partners in Rescue” – businesses like those who helped make this event a success. And of course, we owe much of that success to the people who came out that night, enjoyed great weather and a fun party, while opening their hearts and their wallets to help abandoned, abused and neglected animals in our community.

Thank you for all you do for PAL and the animals under our care. Your support truly saves lives!

We encourage everyone to join the no-kill movement. You can act now and change the life of a homeless pet this holiday season. Adopt, foster, donate or volunteer at www.PalmettoAnimalLeague .org. These are lives worth saving.

Amy Campanini

PAL President

To the Editor:

In America, scandal, crime, drugs, deceit, selfishness, confrontation, greed and lack of enforcement are challenging society. Sports are simply a microcosm of that society.

Google is full of articles and editorials addressing “Sports, Out of Control” including, Bleacher Report, “Sports is a wild ride, filled with steroids, scandal and crime”; WSJ, “Sports has always had a political dimension”; ESPN Magazine, “Sports breeds fraud and corruption”; Amazon, “Youth Sports in Crisis.”

The challenge often begins in youth leagues, where parents pressure their children to compete and excel, leading to physical and emotional stress later.

While the universities and NCAA cash in, college athletes now want part of the action too, requesting “pay to play.” Time Magazine reports an emerging criminal investigation of college teams, coaches and companies that could have significant consequences far beyond just basketball.

The NFL’s operations policy states that players should stand for the National Anthem, but does not enforce the policy.

Pro athletes are often spoiled and poorly prepared for fame and fortune, setting poor examples for our youth.

The solution? A New York Times headline read, “Taking Sports OUT of School.” Schools need to return to what they know best, offering educational and academic excellence to our students, while deemphasizing sports programs.

Most importantly, reform begins at home. Parental responsibility involves teaching by example while providing the early environment, foundation and direction that allows their child the freedom to excel at their own pace.

Sports are just a game, a small part of life; however, building character, confidence and knowledge is forever.

Children are our nation’s future.

Earle Everett

Hilton Head Island

To the Editor:

Sanctuary is defined as a haven of refuge, calm and asylum from danger. Unfortunately, it’s been hijacked by Democratically controlled cities to mean harboring illegal immigrants, many of them felons, in defiance of the Illegal Immigration Reform Act of 1996, prohibiting states from withholding immigration and incarceration status of illegals from federal immigration authorities, while circumventing this act by releasing these felons from prison to remain undocumented.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, of the 3,000 illegal immigrant felons released in Los Angeles in one year, the recidivism rate was 65 percent, culminating in the Kate Steinle incident when Juan Lopez, an illegal immigrant with seven felony convictions, was released by San Francisco authorities and subsequently shot her to death.

The left cries out that opposition to sanctuary cities is racism, a factoid debunked by a Harvard study showing that 80 percent of voters oppose sanctuary cities. Ironically, Democrats crusade for more government in our lives, but condemn it when it doesn’t suit their political agenda.

Thus far, these cities have suffered little appropriate legal action for their effrontery, but withholding certain federal funds is being considered.

However, there is a federal immigration statute that allows a maximum of five years imprisonment for anyone harboring a criminal alien and up to life imprisonment for officials when their non-compliance results in the death of someone as in the Steinle case.

It’s time the Department of Justice drops the hammer on cities who unnecessarily endanger the community at large.

Don Maresca


To the Editor:

On behalf of Family Promise of Beaufort Country, thank you to the Berkeley Hall Charitable Foundation for their support of our Staying on Track Program.

Assisting our families once they move into their own home is paramount to their continued success and their ultimately becoming self-sufficient. The Berkeley Hall Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) whose goal is to help nonprofits improve lives by funding projects that address the basic human needs of the most vulnerable residents of Bluffton and the surrounding community.

We are very grateful for the continued support our children and their parents have received from the Berkeley Hall Charitable Foundation. They have helped give our homeless families a second chance at a new life.

Lynda Halpern

Executive Director

Family Promise of Beaufort County

To the Editor:

Our federal government is in deep trouble – drowning in debt and suffocated by corruption. The abuses threatening us are not merely bad policy; they are foundational issues that cannot be fixed by one person, party or election. Unless some outside force intervenes, Washington, D.C., will continue on a path to bankrupt the nation and destroy everyone’s personal liberty. What needs to be fixed?

Spending and debt: The $20 trillion national debt is staggering, but just part of the story. Under standard accounting, the federal government owes around $100 trillion in vested Social Security and other obligations. We cannot tax ourselves out of debt, even if government confiscated everything of value in the nation.

D.C. corruption and attacks on state sovereignty: Collusion and corruption in D.C. has taken over the original Constitutional system of checks and balances in Washington. Bureaucrats and lobbyists routinely make decisions on federal spending without Congressional oversight or authorization.

Congress uses federal grants to keep the states under its control, combining grants with federal mandates (which are not fully funded.) And, corruption among our representatives in Congress is widespread.

This is not a partisan issue. Washington, D.C., will never fix itself. The solution is in Article V of the Constitution, Convention of States (COS), the only way to impose term limits and balanced budget on Congress, our only chance to restore good government.

Sometime after Jan. 1, the South Carolina Legislature will be voting on whether to join the COS. Please ask our state senator and representative to vote “yes” for COS.

Jane Kenny