To the Editor:

Prior words and phrases in politics for blatant lies are now passé. These include such things as “There are lies and there are damn lies,” “He is a flip-flopper,” “That is what I said but not what I meant,” “I was misinformed,” “That didn’t happen, but if it did, I am not responsible.”

These have been replaced with such things as “little white lies,” “forgetful omissions,” “walking back the statement,” and – one of the all time great oxymorons – “alternative facts.”

But those don’t compare with everyone connected with Trump and right wing media zealously explaining there was no contact with any Russians by any mem-ber of the Trump campaign at any time.

After learning over time that there was contact by numerous members of the campaign with some 19 influential Russians, each was dismissed as incidental, inconsequential, and having nothing to do with the campaign, personal business, or sanctions.

That evolved into “They did involve these things, but nothing came of them.”

The next logical evolution of these omissions, little white lies, walk backs, and alternative facts is “Okay, we lied, it happened, so what?” As Trump often tweets, “SAD!” “UNACCEPTABLE!” “TREASONOUS!”

Ken Reinhardt


To the Editor:

As I have stated before, Trump’s Republicanism is de-democratizing a democratic constitutional government. Attacking the democratic jewels of America’s civil society, with insurmountable debt, that will siege this country.

Putin, an elected strongman, told Russia’s wealthy business leaders they would be free to make a lot of money under his watch. Putin, through a process of privatization, turned Russia’s valued properties to the wealthiest of oligarchies.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced unfortunately “there’s not enough money for the infrastructure needs of our country.” Trump’s infrastructure plan favors privatizing America’s valued properties to the wealthy.

It is unconscionable that the richest nation on earth cannot pay for its country’s essential needs – a true constitutional crisis.

Secretary Chao, whose husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, just pushed through a $1.5 trillion tax cut.

Trump’s former economic advisor during these tax cuts was Gary Cohn, an investment banker from Goldman Sachs.

The Trump-Cohn sham is to convert America’s assets to the private sector (who’ll profit). Cut federal regulations (more profits). This creates greater concentration of power, yielding more money. Swaying politicians, to pass favorable legislation (more profits).

Privatizing government resources for profitability, along with deregulations, is ideal for investment bankers and billionaires – making corporatists the spokespersons for greater social and economic monopolization.

The question becomes, who should govern? If you favor privatizing government, or less government, unwittingly you favor plutocratic rule, i.e., governed by the wealthy.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Consider the people as the safest depository of power.” Any relinquishing of government, relinquishes the power of democracy.

Bill Mahaffey


To the Editor:

Here are some thoughts on why America can’t improve gun safety.

Fact: America has more guns than any other country.*

Fact: America has more gun murders per 100,000 [3 percent].*

Fact: More gun controls, lower death rate.*

Fact: Fewer guns equals fewer deaths.*

The following shows the percent of gun households that agree on the following measures:*

Mandatory background checks for gun buyers – 93 percent

Prevent mentally ill from buying – 89 percent

Ban sale to those convicted of a violent crime – 88 percent

Ban those individuals on the no-fly/watch list – 82 percent

Background checks for private and show sales – 77 percent

Mandatory wait period on all purchases – 72 percent

*Data taken from New York Times article of Nov. 6, 2017, “How to Reduce Shootings.”

Non-gun household percentages are even higher, so why can’t these measures be passed?

Answer: Because Congress is being held hostage by the National Rifle Association (NRA). Many of our selfish representatives place their re-election and funding a higher priority than acting in the best interests of their constituents.

We must insist that Congress move the issues of gun safety and gun violence to a satisfactory conclusion with legislation that reflects the majority interest of Americans.

We must be willing to tell our representatives that only then can they expect our vote.

For starters, their sincere response must be to state they will no longer accept NRA contributions.

You can make a difference; there is strength in numbers!

Earle Everett

Hilton Head Island