To the Editor:

Mr. Reinhardt thanks the writers of the two rebuttals of his editorial letter as being thoughtful and non-judgmental. I cannot say the same of him.

In my letter, I stated that I shared his beliefs, but there is a more important issue and it has nothing to do with Roe vs. Wade – a government mandate decided by nine Supreme Court Justices. It has to do with God’s mandate of the Fifth Commandment.

Somehow, Mr. Reinhardt believes that I and the 70 to 80 percent of White Christian Evangelicals (his words) do not care about issues of morality, race, civility, honesty, etc., ad infinitum. He must see us as Mrs. Clinton’s deplorables.

If he doesn’t see us as deplorables, then he must be a Never Trumper. His hatred of President Trump showed early on in his first letter and carried through to the end of his second letter, as he would not even call Mr. Trump by name.

Either way, so be it.

Vince Taylor


To the Editor:

Most agree there’s suffering and injustice. Hate is self perpetuating. It’s truly a sickness. Even worse, hating a misleading belief.

Republicans launch political malice towards liberals. Labeling anyone or anything a liberal with disdain is McCarthyism. Republican political allegory is McCarthyism’s divisive polarizing dissension.

Deliberately talking heads renounce the supporting principle of democracy. If you question those why they dislike liberals, they’re cluelessly biased.

The term “liberal” comes from the Latin word “liberalis,” pertaining to a free person. Liberal democracy’s basic values are a free person having the right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, freedom of expression. Advanced countries adopt liberal democracy.

Foolishly, some believe stand-alone democracy means everything or anything. A governing democracy without individual freedom becomes an oppressive government. Profoundly, liberalism is your inalienable right for individual freedom (Declaration of Independence).

Russia, Turkey and Venezuela succeeded in turning democracy into an electoral dictatorship. Liberal democracy has checks and balances, which enables your right to disagree. Illiberalism restricts those rights. You can’t dissect freedom.

Most Americans believe it is extremely important to live in a free democracy, with rule of law, believing in emancipatory freedom. Denying one’s freedom promotes the very thing the Founding Fathers feared – tyranny.

American diplomacy was a necessary priority, but political profits are more important than people (Citizen United v. FEC). This political process harnesses politicians to the wealthy, who rarely serve public interest.

Republicans are convinced to turn the government over to them, and with compelling evidence eradicating freedom.

Bill Mahaffey


To the Editor:

I recently visited Branson, Mo., and discovered something I never imagined existed in the current day pusillanimous, politically correct, panic-stricken halls of academia. I toured the College of the Ozarks.

It was a revelation. This college prepares the student for the realities of life and adulthood beyond the campus.

Students can graduate without debt. The college accepts no government aid and donors cover tuition costs. Students work 15 hours a week during classes and 40 hours a week during the summer, covering their room and board. The college is affectionately called “Hard Work U.”

Besides the customary curriculum one expects, courses include Patriotic Education and Fitness and a required course in Military Science, which provides an understanding of the military and the necessity for it.

A stained glass shop providing art skills in that medium was built by the students.

This merely touches upon the positive atmosphere and learning experience that pervades the campus, with no safe spaces in sight.

Before potentially squandering six figures of your money or having your child or grandchild graduate with insurmountable debt for the privilege, in many cases, of being indoctrinated by progressive, America-hating, free speech-repressive ideologues, where graduation day consists of students appearing from their safe spaces and putting down protest posters to receive their diplomas, investigate similar institutions like Colleges of the Ozarks and Hillsdale, where their only obligation is to the students.

Let’s give the approaching generation and your hard earned dollars a chance.

Don Maresca