To the Editor:

According to the Legal Information Institute of Cornell Law School, Federal Statue 36 U.S. Code-301 of 1931 states that all citizens “should face the flag and stand at attention” for the National Anthem.

Note the words “should stand.” Over the years it has been a custom of personal pride and patriotism that we all join in unity.

Today, a controversy continues over whether NFL players should stand for our anthem and flag, even though the NBA, soccer, hockey and other professional sports have been doing that right along.

Only recently, after fan criticism, declining gate revenue and TV ratings, did the NFL require players to stand. President Trump’s interference guarantees this dispute will continue into the fall season.

Here is my take on this issue:

The majority of Americans, particularly seniors like myself who grew up during times of strong national pride, resent anyone appearing to disrespect our anthem, flag or Pledge of Allegiance.

As worthwhile a cause as the kneeling players may be pursuing, they have chosen the wrong forum to protest, alienating the very citizens whose support, respect and influence they are seeking.

I realize these multi-millionaire, entertainer-athletes were “deprived” of the pride that came from living the experience of a nation coming together during great worldwide conflict, including military service. Yet, if only selfishly, they see that their kneeling action can negatively affect their causes of protest and possibly diminish future earnings. Hopefully they choose a venue that others can respect while bringing us all together as proud Americans.

What is your take?

Earle Everett

Hilton Head Island