To the Editor:

There are few things in life that inspire joy more than smiling faces at the beach. When those smiling faces belong to people of every age and every ability, all having fun together, the joy is truly indescribable.

This was exactly the scene I had the pleasure of witnessing on June 7 at Pockets Full of Sunshine’s fourth annual Fun in the Sun for Everyone inclusive beach day. I have been in the unique position of attending this event all four years, watching it grow from just 25 participants to over 200 this year.

The sun shines brighter and the joy gets bigger each year.

Pockets Full of Sunshine, a local nonprofit working with adults with disabilities, hosts the day of fun with the intent to bring the community together and provide a truly inclusive experience. Their belief is that everyone benefits when we all come together, those with and without disabilities.

Looking around during the event, you can literally see the benefits. New friendships are made in the sand, fears are conquered as a timid swimmer wades into the ocean holding hands with a volunteer, laughter is in abundance as a new surfer experiences their first “wipeout,” tears are shed as parents watch their children of all ages get to have fun just like everyone else.

Magic happens at the beach, and this was certainly a day full of it.

On behalf of Pockets Full of Sunshine, thank you to the many participants, volunteers and sponsors for spreading the sun. See you next year!

Laurin Rivers

Co-Founder, Pockets Full of Sunshine

To the Editor:

It just seems like nine years ago, the ethics of America was much more honest, where people were embarrassed for not telling the truth, more responsible for the consequences of their actions.

Of course, this excludes all politicians.

Today, the code of ethics is what one can get away with, what actions they take that they can blame on others.

This is true about our school age kids, who deem that aggressive and hateful actions are acceptable and appropriate, with out any consequences. They listen to obvious lies and believe the same.

It is sad – what will happen in 20 years if no one in society takes responsibility for any or their actions?

This is spreading to business, where a car dealership claims no responsibility for the actions of its employees or its subcontractors, but finds loopholes within documents to avoid the responsibility of stealing belongings from a car being serviced.

Their explanation is that the car’s owner did not take the appropriate actions, and never address the fact that belongings were removed from the car and were never returned.

This is a dangerous time were the legal system and our government, designed to protect its citizens, is being used to allow the removal of our legal rights, remove honesty and integrity from our classrooms, remove history from our public building, defend abortion, and defend the removal of religion from our society.

What will happen in 20 years if this continued removal of moral values further progresses or accelerates? What type of society will be left to exist? Any?

Richard Michael