To the Editor:

An article on the front page of The Bluffton Sun, dated Aug. 14, 2018, stated that Sun City Hilton Head was named the best active adult community in the U.S. It is amazing and disheartening that Sun City Hilton Head should receive such an award, given the fact that Sun City is involved in one of the largest class action law suits in the history of South Carolina.

More than 4,300 homes in Sun City have been affected by Pulte’s faulty stucco application. The major stucco repairs and the cost for eradicating extensive mold damage have cost retirees hundreds of thousands of dollars out of their retirement savings. Pulte has taken no responsibility in this fiasco if the homes are beyond the 5- or 10-year warranty.

It is reprehensible that Pulte will not compensate homeowners for their building errors. Pulte’s code of ethics states, “Whatever you do, do it with integrity and honesty.” And yet, while they continue to sell homes to unsuspecting retirees, they neglect the very homeowners who have placed their confidence in Pulte Homes.

It has affected our personal finances, our retirement savings, our health, our peace of mind, and our home values.

“Home Sweet Home” for thousands of Sun City residents has become anything but sweet. It is time that the whole truth about Pulte practices and the extent of the stucco damage should also make the front page. Buyer Beware!

Barbara Morrone

Sun City Hilton Head