To the Editor:

Saturday Night Live recently shared a skit showing children drinking alcohol with the repeated phrase “let kids drink.” As LowCountry Alliance for Healthy Youth’s coordinator for Teens for Healthy Youth in five high schools South of the Broad and as a high school teacher, I am very concerned about the harmful content displayed and the negative consequences on youth.

While I recognize that this late-night show is intended for an adult audience, children and teens can easily access this skit via the internet. Scientific research is clear that social media impacts our youth and their decisions, and evidence proves teens are at risk for drug use and addiction because the teenage brain is still developing.

NBC provides a distorted view of alcohol use to our youth in this SNL skit. As a parent who has children with a family history of addiction, I am appalled that SNL used children drinking alcohol as a way for families to cope with stress during COVID-19.

The U.S. Surgeon General maintains that addiction is one of the greatest health concerns facing our nation. NBC has creative writers and producers that can make skits that are humorous and not detrimental to children and teens. I encourage individuals to write to NBC and ask them to be responsible and remove this skit from the internet.

Every citizen has a responsibility to protect our nation’s youth and help promote positive youth development.

Laura Pirkey

Hilton Head Island