To the Editor:

What will it take to regain civil discourse that serves our common interests, while deepening political and social divisions in America spur acts of extreme hate and violence?

David Bornstein, co-founder of “Solutions Journalism Institute,” asks this very question of David Fairman, managing director of the Consensus Building Institute and director of MIT-Harvard Public Dispute Program.

To this point, what can be done to reduce the acrimony in American society? Fairman states that what is at the core of our polarization is a complete disregard in attempting to see the other side, particularly on divisive political issues. To do so is to give in – “a total betrayal”!

So, how does one contribute to consensus building and striving for common ground solutions in addressing the many challenges facing our community, country and world? A start is at the town, city and regional level, covering such important public issues as education, economic opportunity, environmental concerns, zoning and development, etc., while recognizing demographic shifts and a fast-changing economy are causing societal and cultural anxiety.

A good start is developing and encouraging a common sense dialogue with others. Simply stated: listen, put oneself in the other’s shoes, seek out those things that we can agree on, and at all times, be civil.

I was recently encouraged by our pastor’s sermon, “Grace and Goodness” and its challenge in the face of our divided society where disagreement abounds. Surely, grace, goodness and compassion, together with the attributes of civil discourse throughout society, can bridge the divide, leading to consensus building and progress. Everyone’s contribution is needed.

Earle Everett

Moss Creek

To the Editor:

To build or not to build the wall. That is not the question.

The question and dilemma is funding it when America’s purse strings are withheld and exploited by Congressional socialist ideologues and President Trump haters willing to sacrifice America’s safety, security and sovereignty to accelerate total government control and insure voter supremacy through illegal immigration voting blocs.

To any rational American, this is a national death wish.

Naturally, their Southern border security problems pale compared with ours, but it’s noteworthy that Canada’s illegal immigration from the U.S. has increased since President Trump took office.

Canada’s New Federal Skilled Workers Program places immigration applicants into a job pool point system. Evidence of work skills, employment history and specified funds in hand are mandatory. Unclaimed funds into Canada are seized. Automatic entitlements are not available. English or French is mandatory.

No applicant is chosen for work while there are qualified Canadians. Considering illegal immigration a national security crisis, Canada is significantly increasing deportations and plans to reject nearly 90 percent of asylum applications.

Initial illegal entry into Mexico is punishable by two years in prison, and 10 years for the second. Law enforcement and the military are government mandated to engage in arrests and deportation. Natural-born Mexican citizens are authorized to make a citizen’s arrest and are encouraged to at least report known illegals.

The inundation of the worst criminals and possible terrorists into this country answers the initial question and it must be “Build the wall now.”

Don Maresca


To the Editor:

Americans excitedly talk about Medicare for all, and free college tuition. They are met with socialistic derogatory comments from mainstream media. Fox News, with a false narrative of socialism, depicts millennials as no longer Americans future, but a socialistic threat.

Consider this: Who’s the true socialist? Taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor is viewed as socialist welfare. Taking money from the many and giving it to the rich is socialist welfare for the rich. It cuts both ways.

When there’s a Wall Street Banking crisis, taxpayers finance those failed institutions with billions of tax dollars (socialism).

Tax dollars subsidize the wealthiest corporations in the form of grants, targeted tax credits, direct subsidies, corporation debt, and deregulations. Bloomberg Businessweek estimates taxpayers subsidize wealthy business by more than $100 billion per year (socialism).

Trump’s farm trade war, a $12 billion bailout program, was created to make up losses for wealthy farmers – again socialism. No one asked who’s paying for it.

Even in the sport world, taxpayers finance the construction of expensive sport stadiums, maximizing revenues for billionaire owners. This does not benefit ordinary people.

A socialistic economy eviscerates capitalism. Be assured a greedy socialist is no different than a greedy capitalist. Both undermine a meaningful democracy. The truth is the United States is declining on numerous fronts because of socialism for the rich.

Consider their fear: If college tuition and Medicare for all came into play, wealthy corporations will not have access to billions of your tax dollars.

Bill Mahaffey