I received your reply to my previous email about Vietnam Veterans Day, March 29. I’m not surprised that many people are not aware of this date.

Vietnam Veterans Day was first observed in 2012, with a proclamation by President Obama, and became an annual observance, designated by President Trump with the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017.

As with many things pertaining to the Vietnam Conflict, our country, communities and, yes, even our veterans organizations fail to recognize and plan any events or commemorations for this day.

Some facts:

U.S. involvement in Vietnam:

Combat operations ceased in March 1973

The fall of Saigon was in March of 1975

1 in 10 who served were either killed or wounded

58,148 men and women killed in action

304,000 wounded in action

1,626 missing in action

2.7 million Americans served

It saddens me to see that no one has taken this day seriously.

Granted many Vietnam veterans do not believe they should be thanked for their service, but they should be properly recognized.

You know my passion for this. I have also come to realize that because of my outspoken nature, some people will be offended. We are in dangerous times now. Our country is divided. Someday this great country will need us again.


Tony Solomon