To the Editor:

I’m glad I’m almost dead. I’m 91 years old and I’ve lived through the best of America. My folks came here from Russia for a better life. They found it, and they were thankful. However, nothing is the same today.

Kids played outside together all day. No expensive toys, just a piece of chalk, a rag, an empty can, a stoop, a stick, a “spaldeen,” maybe some marbles, a sidewalk, a gutter, or an empty lot. We just had to get home when it started to get dark, or when Papa got home from work.

We all rode our bikes all over, sometimes far away from our own neighborhoods. No one ever owned, or wore, a helmet! We fell. We scraped our elbows or knees. But no one ever cracked his skull!

Fruits and veggies were locally grown, and you could only get them in season. Strawberries tasted like strawberries. Tomatoes tasted like tomatoes.

Today, fruit taste like rocks. All the junk they spray on them so they can travel from faraway places, and other countries.

At age 8 and up, you could get lost all day going into town by bus or subway, go to a museum, lunch at the automat, and home. Or movies from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with cartoons, chapters, newsreels, a double feature, plus a hotdog and root beer.

There was no fear of crime. Total strangers helped each other when someone needed help.

Look around you today. What do you see? Fear, anger, house alarms, car alarms, no serious punishment for criminals, corruption in government.

Yes, I’m glad I’m almost dead!

Norman Shapp


To the Editor:

This country became a prosperous and powerful nation from the manufacturing and exporting of goods, food and natural resources all over the world.

Our manufacturing plants and their employees designed intricate machinery to build many of today’s useful products, TVs, stoves, cameras, computers and many other products.

Our U.S.-based manufacturing plants provided good-paying jobs for the skilled and unskilled for many of our good and prosperous years.

Our leaders foolishly allowed our expertise and technology to leave the U.S. and establish their company in China, Vietnam, India, Mexico and many other countries with low-paying wages. The results were the loss of millions of good-paying jobs in our country and a gain of millions of low-paying jobs in Third World countries.

What really happened is that countries like China prospered, stole our technology, and sold us cheap products made with cheap labor. We now have fewer good-paying jobs, make very little of the products we consume, and have thousands of people out of work or working two part-time, low-paying jobs, and 70% of our GDP (gross domestic product) is now consumer based – a very poor business model for any country.

This is the result of the uninformed voters hiring people to run our once great country who have no business experience, no management skills and no knowledge of economics 101

Now it’s going to be a tough ship to turn around.

Peter R. Russ


To the Editor:

How far have we fallen as a nation that we allow this administration to deny desperate families asylum, fire tear gas at them, and steal and cage their children?

When did we stop believing, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”? Have we lost all sense of decency?

There has to be a better way. Write or call your Congressmen to stop this now.

JoAnne Gatti-Petito