To the Editor:

Very interesting article that Gwyneth J. Saunders wrote in The Bluffton Sun (July 16) on housing. I had a little experience with this while serving on a municipal board in New York for almost six years.

We had lots of “affordable housing” for low income people, mostly government subsidized. So, when developers came in with other types of affordable housing, such as workforce housing, we wanted to be very careful on what the impact would be on our already overcrowded schools. The preference was more toward senior affordable housing.

Bluffton Town Councilman Fred Hamilton summed things up pretty well. “Affordable housing” is a very dicey term.

Developers can make a lot of money on these so-called affordable housing projects, and I am not going to criticize them. Who doesn’t run a business to make money? But what frustrates me most is that there never seems to be a solution on how to provide economical housing for workers in more upscale communities.

My wife and I moved to Sun City in February, so I am not at all familiar with the inner workings of Bluffton and neighboring Hilton Head Island. But I had an idea.

I wonder if there is some way that workforce housing could be built through investment dollars. When there is money to be made, some will jump at the opportunity – something like selling municipal bonds, public works-infrastructure bonds, etc.

A financial person may say that this idea is naïve at best, but it might be worth consideration.

Thanks for a very thorough, thought-provoking article.

Gene Ceccarelli