To the Editor:

I finally got caught up on my newspapers and magazines. I never want to miss an article by Lynne Cope Hummell or Annelore Harrell.

Going back to the Jan. 4 edition of The Bluffton Sun, I came across an editorial by Bluffton’s Mayor, Lisa Sulka (“Looking forward to new year, new projects”).

Seems as if councils these days are enamored with projects and getting public input through hired consultants. But with 92% of Bluffton in Planned Unit Developments already governed by agreements, the writing is on the wall, folks.

And, unless our elected officials push back, the developers will be in the catbird’s seat. No, I am not saying that the rights of developers should be stepped on. Municipalities would get destroyed in court.

For starters, a strong Master Plan could be one saving grace – a plan that incorporates critical infrastructure and natural resources. One thing is so obvious that it seems to be escaping the notice of our elected representatives: Water!

BJWSA just released some startling stats: Over 1.3 million people in South Carolina are already under a “moderate drought.” We have experienced the 25th driest February and the 39th driest year to date over the past 128 years!

No need to be a hydrologist to know that the Savannah River can only supply so much water to South Carolina and Georgia.

Will severe water restrictions be the wave of the future for our homes, businesses, restaurants, etc.? Will this Californian saying become the norm for us, too?: “In this land of sun and fun, we never flush for No.1.”

Gene Ceccarelli