To the Editor:

Have you thought about how in the Creator’s amazing design, all things are recycled? No waste!

Everything gets reused, living and dead. All animal homes decompose, just like the animals themselves, to become other life-giving creatures. Same with plants: recycling, reuse, renewal.

But today, our fellow Americans are  probably not thinking about the great gifts of nature. We’re into Christmas shopping!

We can refute “conspicuous consumption” entirely, saving earth’s resources. Or maybe give a gift certificate to an earth-friendly organization, or a real live tree to your favorite pal.

Another suggestion is to buy recycled. There are wonderful local thrift shops who offer trendy recycled gifts at bargain prices. All proceeds go directly to help less fortunate people (and animals) in our local community.

Thanks to the generous donors who give lovely, clean and useful items and to the thrift shop volunteers who make this circle of charitable and economic sustainability possible. Also to those wise and creative shoppers of second-hand goods who turn their purchases into two-fold giving this holiday.

I encourage my neighbors to be earth-friendly shoppers this Christmas.

Merry Green Holidays!

Debby Boots

Hilton Head Island