To the Editor:

In his column in your last issue, State Representative Jeff Bradley implied that South Carolina, with his support, had joined the states that have voted to convene an Article V Constitutional Convention.  Although the S.C. House did act on a bill, the Senate has not yet passed such a bill – and should not.

Since the 1787 convention that developed the framework for the U.S. Constitution, there has never been a convention called by the states. The current campaign is funded by wealthy special interests who want to rein in the federal government and its spending.

Even if one thinks that is a worthy objective, the rules for a constitutional convention are determined by its attendees. Anything can be on the agenda, and the threat of a runaway convention would be real.

Voters need to know that many things we value could be up for grabs. Most of us like Social Security and Medicare. Most of us want to drink clean water and breathe clean air. Most of us want our government to protect consumers from unsafe cars and medicine, to protect employees from abuse, and to protect all of us from violations of our basic civil rights. And when our state is hit by a hurricane, we want – and expect – our government to help us.

South Carolina has been targeted as one of the six more states needed to call a constitutional convention. Please urge Sen. Tom Davis to defeat this dangerous bill.

Nancy L. Williams

Hilton Head Island

President, League of Women Voters

of South Carolina