To the Editor:

I would like to acknowledge and extend appreciation to three local authors – Thomas C. Barnwell Jr., Carolyn Grant and Emory Shaw Campbell – who have written a profound tribute to the history of Hilton Head Island.

“Gullah Days, Hilton Head Islanders Before the Bridge, 1861-1956” provides the readers with a personal yet factual timeline of the people, events and culture of which we current residents all reap the benefits. It is because of the sacrifices, commitment and foresight of our native islanders that Hilton Head Island today is the wonderful place that so many of us call home.

The photography is soulful and helps to tell a story that at times defies the use of words. The book is neatly divided into, first, a rich portrayal of our island’s history over the 95-year period before the bridge and, second, a description of the Gullah culture through a collection of memories.

This is not a book review so much as an endorsement of a book that can enlighten us all as to the plight of our native islanders and their ancestors. It is definitely a salute to the events in history which we should celebrate and others which must never be repeated.

A round of applause for our brilliant local authors!

Barbara Hammes

Hilton Head Island