To the Editor:

Recently, I had the opportunity to view firsthand our new educational norm, virtual learning or e-learning. I spent a day with my grandchildren, a fifth grader at River Ridge Academy and a 10th grader at May River High School, as they attended classes via Zoom.

First, I applaud our teachers for how well they are adjusting to this new educational experience. It is not easy to replicate the traditional in-person experience many of our students so badly need.

My granddaughter required no assistance from me, for which I was grateful. My grandson was attentive and involved as his teachers exhibited great resolve in explaining the assignments to 15-plus students.

I was amazed at the patience and knowledge the teachers exhibited as they took great pains to work with each child, especially those with varying degrees of computer knowledge and other distractions.  The efforts put forth by our teachers and administrators throughout the district during this pandemic are to be commended and applauded.

Parents, my heart goes out to you as you juggle work and school for your children. The options offered by the district (hybrid/in-person or virtual) are not easy decisions to make. 

Many parents are not equipped to take the place of trained educational professionals. Many of our children are at home with grandmothers, like me, who last sat in a classroom 50-plus years ago. It was a very interesting day and I invite others to spend a day experiencing virtual learning.

We will overcome these difficult days. In the meantime, remember we are all in this together, so let us be willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Reach out to your child’s school and thank the staff for all they do, and remember many of them are parents too.

Laura Bush