To the Editor:

I never met George Floyd.

What I understand about his life and death is that it was mostly tragic. A national effort came together more to commemorate his unjust death than to celebrate his life and how he lived it.

I did meet Herman Cain.                                                                                             

Not that I knew him, but in meeting him briefly I sensed all of the attributes of his public persona: he was approachable – no, downright friendly – funny, self-deprecating and gracious to all he met. He freely and publicly expressed his love of God, country and his fellow man. Herman Cain lived not a perfect life, but a great life!

Mr. Cain took risks and responsibility for his personal success and he encouraged others to do the same. From humble beginnings to the rarefied air of Fortune 500 membership, Herman Cain wasn’t just an example for his race, sex or religion, but for all people.

His life was proof that in America, the circumstances of birth do not have to dictate the life we live. If we’re willing to seek opportunities to use our God-given strength and ability for good, as Mr. Cain did, the sky is the limit – literally and figuratively.

In our endeavor to be a fair and just people, Herman Cain should be remembered as a great man!

I’m hoping there will be ceremonies across America to celebrate his well-lived life. I, for one, would travel a great distance to commemorate the life of Herman Cain!

Rhonda Wilson


To the Editor:

First we want to thank God for all the love, people and blessings He sent our way! Despite losing 200 backpacks (stolen from the drop-off) that some of you who gave, we did it again!

The Bluffton Area Community Association and the Back To School Fun Day organization would like to send out a heartfelt “Thank You” to the Bluffton Eagles Action Committee for allowing us to use Eagles Field to host our 10th annual Back To School Drive Through. 

For the numerous individuals, churches and businesses who supported our efforts despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided families with 407 free backpacks, filled with school supplies, on Aug. 1. 

Our appreciation and a “Thank You” also goes out to Sgt. Bonifacio Perez from the Bluffton Police Department for his presence in helping with traffic control.

To all the  volunteers: You made the difference and we say “Thank You” for your time, talent and the gift of giving you gave on a hot and blistering sunny day. 

Together, we helped families during stressful times!

Sharon Brown and Lenora Grayson

Bluffton Area Community Association