To the Editor:

On March 12, my friend Jon and I were off on an adventure to get estimates for a minor repair on his car. At the first stop, we received an $800-plus digital sequencing estimate. Forty minutes later, through heavy six-lane traffic, we received a $450 estimate (without computer help). Such a disparity!

We decided a third estimate was necessary, so we were off to Persimmon Street in Bluffton. We were not sure where the business was, so we stopped to ask for directions at Red Stripes restaurant.

I jumped out and, unbeknownst at the time, my wallet tumbled off my lap onto the parking lot. I got good directions from the Red Stripes manager.

At the auto shop, we requested and received a third price quote ($750-plus digital quote) then back to the tollway on Hilton Head. I reached for my wallet to pay, and became frantic. It was not in my pocket, not on the floor or car seat, and not among the recently secured paperwork. I just had it and it was gone!

Jon quickly called the last auto repair replace off Persimmon. Debbie remembered us and searched for my wallet and did not find it.

What to do? We had to retrace our steps. Jon drove us back into rush hour traffic. It was 4:30 p.m. and the repair shop closed at 5. We flew across the causeway, bridge, then down the 278 spur and arrived at 4:57 p.m. Debbie and Joey reassured me that they did not find the wallet and they were sorry.

Solemnly, we drove back to Red Stripes, where we had asked for directions.

I entered the restaurant and Lakesha recognized me immediately. She said, “We are going to make you happy! My husband has something for you.”

I immediately became emotional and she hugged me tightly. Ezron joined the hug and then advised me what had occurred. Their son, Loncelle, age 16, had found my wallet in the parking lot and brought it immediately to his father. They hoped for my return.

I was quite impressed with Loncelle Daley. What a good kid he is – a tribute obviously to good parents! My company, HearingBetterHearing, will be giving Loncelle a scholarship for his integrity.

I am an annual visitor to the Lowcountry, and I might never again through Bluffton without returning to Red Stripes. There, I found honesty, truth and wonderful people. I do hope they will be my friends, as their hugs and integrity gave me strength.

Joe Henne

Drummond Island, Mich.