Letter from the Publisher:

After a great deal of thought, as well as feedback from many of our readers, we are revising our Letters to the Editor policy, effective with this issue.

Our role as a community newspaper continues to be the vehicle in which we share local news, information and offerings from local businesses. I am proud to tell people that every word in our newspapers – from the front page to the back cover – is written by someone who lives or works in our community.

We remain focused on intensely local stories, columns and contributions from our business and community leaders. What we publish in our pages is generally not available through any other media outlet.

In keeping with our mission, we will no longer accept Letters to the Editor that are not directly (and solely) relevant to our neighbors here in the Lowcountry. Letters submitted by well-intentioned individuals who wish to share their views and opinions on state or national politics will not be considered for publication.

There are several media outlets in our market that will continue to publish this type of submission; however, we will not.

Kevin Aylmer


The Bluffton Sun