To the Editor:

Is our Beaufort County School Board in disarray again?

In my 85th year, I have never witnessed such disregard for professional decorum and needed progress for our children.

Most recent disagreements among board members indicate they have learned nothing from past mistakes despite a history of chaos within their ranks. The humiliation centered around the former superintendent with an FBI investigation still going on, public disagreements and accusations among past and present board members, police called to a closed board meeting due to threats, two failed public referendums on school facility improvements, etc.

All this negative publicity while South Carolina ranks next to last in the quality of our children’s education; Beaufort is just a microcosm of such failure.

A message to our school board:

To our superintendent: You have inherited a festering situation that requires your immediate attention and expertise to help resolve.

To our board chair: With leadership comes responsibility. It is your responsibility to lead while bringing your board to cooperative resolutions in all matters in the best interest of our children.

To board members: It is your responsibility to be part of a positive effort to improve our schools in the best interest of our children. Stop the nit-picking with each other. Speaking to the media extraneously can cause unnecessary friction and misunderstanding, particularly when it becomes a personality issue. Your job should not be centered on apparent “photo ops.”

To the parents and public: Your active interest and participation can contribute to community awareness and progress for our school system. Get involved!

Our children, the nation’s future.

Earle Everett

Moss Creek