To the Editor:

Some “food for thought” came to me after reading Lynne Hummell’s Sunny Side Up in the Jan. 19 Bluffton Sun about what might constitute a “feeling of community.”

Her witnessing a gorgeous sunset while in the car brought to mind Sun City’s residents Facebook page. The site is administered beautifully, i.e., don’t even bother with political posts, nasty comments, anything unrelated to Sun City’s community.  It’s a friendly group for asking questions, getting advice, sharing helpful information and celebrating our Sun City Hilton Head lifestyle.

I get a definite “feeling of community” when folks post photos of January’s glorious orange full Wolf Moon on the rise; photos of gorgeous flowers in someone’s yard; photos of flora and fauna captured during a walk along one of our nature trails or just in one of our many neighborhoods; photos of the adorable carrying on of numerous kinds of birds in their bird boxes and water fountains; photos of fabulous sunsets and sunrises; photos of golf cart parades over a holiday. 

All such posts prompt others to share their photos and saying, “Yes! I have the same thing!”  or “Wow! How did you grow that?” or “I saw it too – here’s the shot I took of it!”

For me, sharing beautiful moments experienced within our contained yet vast complex of homes makes me feel connected to my neighbors, knowing that we are not living alone, that there are others witnessing those special moments in time as a community, that we can reach out to one another and share life’s bounties.

Barbara Costa