To the Editor:

Die-hard Trumpers will never lose their faith in Trump. However, life-long Republicans’ loyalty lies with the Republican party and its philosophy.

Some resent Trump for shaming their party. Others are uncommitted or silent. But all should be alarmed at the dossier compiled by Fusion GPS, documenting why Trump aligns with the Russians.

The details of the Trump-Russia dossier have not been reported by most press outlets. But the report, pro and con, is available on the internet at various sites (search for “dossier Trump”). It is shocking beyond belief.

Lest you label the dossier as “fake news,” note:

  1. The Senate Judiciary Committee takes this report seriously. Recently, the Committee spent 10 hours interviewing Glenn Simpson, owner of Fusion GPS.
  2. The individual who gathered the information, Christopher Steele, is a well-respected former member of British secret service, MI6. He has met with the FBI and disclosed his sources to them.
  3. The investigation was commissioned by wealthy Republicans who wanted dirt on Trump to use to eliminate him from the Republican primary race.
  4. The FBI, NIA director Clapper, CIA director Brennan, and NSA director Admiral Rogers, thought the report dangerous enough to give copies to both President and President-elect Trump.

I suggest that all Americans read it. Then, we’ll wait for Mueller to verify it or not.

Paul Russo