To the Editor:

Historically, there were two parties in America, the Republican Party with many of the warts Washington births and nurtures, and the Democratic Party that has mutated into an uncontrolled, win-at-any-cost organization of extreme Socialist ideologues who’ve opted from the rule of law and abandoned the Constitution.

It’s an organization that aids and abets harassment, intimidation and physical assaults against anyone who disagrees with them, both in their public and private lives. It supports extreme left wing groups like ANTIFA, whose street actions border on insurrection under the laughable guise of anti-Fascism, when in fact their goal is Fascism, sans the feigned nationalism.

The Left’s failure to destroy President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will do nothing to deter this cabal of Socialists, Pravda-type news media and billionaire America-hating donors who bankroll these activities, from their assault on America’s moral, religious and economic liberties and a justice system capable of defending them.

It’s a given that Washington’s favorite sport is hardball, but the ruthlessness witnessed by America against Judge Kavanaugh and his family, including his young children, is indicative of those who’ve lost their moral compass, sense of decency and humanity.

All Americans should be appalled. Within academia, future generations are being indoctrinated in and sacrificed at the altar of Socialism. Those citizens who revere Cuba’s “utopia” should be careful for what they wish. It’s time for voters to have another Trump moment at the polls Nov. 6.

Don Maresca