The 2017 hurricane season has been record setting in all the worst ways. Harvey and Irma left paths of destruction throughout southern portions of the United States and further south.

The stories coming out of these hard-hit areas are heartbreaking, and it’s difficult to imagine what the communities must be going through.

Amid such loss, we also have seen a steady stream of uplifting stories and images showing touching displays of courage, strength and unwavering resolve.

We all watched as Texans carried their most precious treasures, their pets, to safety through chest-high floodwaters. I read about a Miami man who adopted a kitten on his way out of town so he could save her from the storm.

We at Palmetto Animal League experienced a similar overwhelming sense of unity here at home last year. What we witnessed in the days following Hurricane Matthew was, quite simply, humbling.

People from across the country and right here in our community came together for one purpose – to help animals and each other. The American Humane Association responded in the wake of Matthew to care for pets in need, and a few days later Kroger donated 8,000 pounds of pet food for PAL to distribute.

Each day, national and local companies face a choice: the choice to reach out and make a difference in the world. In our Lowcountry business community, compassionate giving is a way of life. We are a people who rally. We are a people who care. We are a people who act.

When it comes to saving animals, each rescue starts with the heartfelt support of an individual like you or a company like yours.

Thanks to PAL’s Partners in Rescue, animals have protection from the elements, immediate medical care, emotional healing and hope that a new life is just an adoption away.

We can’t control when or where the storms of life will hit, but as a company that cares for your community, you can make a promise to stand up for homeless animals every day of the year.

Let’s set a different kind of record.

Let’s set the bar, right here in the Lowcountry, for the number of homeless animals rescued, because these are lives worth saving.

Join the No Kill movement. Become a Partner in Rescue and let this community know that your business stands with Palmetto Animal League against animal neglect, abuse and above all, euthanasia. Email for more details.

Come see what being a Partner in Rescue is all about Oct. 12 at 5:30 p.m. at SubieStock 2017. Subaru of Hilton Head is hosting this second annual concert event to raise awareness for PAL and the No Kill movement.

Visit for all the details.

Amy Campanini is president of Palmetto Animal League.