I like to think about interior design and interior decorating as a way of bringing positive energy and peace into the world. There is scientific evidence to prove a positive attitude and good energy can help us heal.

I find using feng shui as a guide for design is helpful in decorating a wonderful plan for creating spaces that embody and employ the principals of feng shui. Feng shui provides a vast canvas for amateur practitioners to let their creative energy flow.

There are many dimensions and possibilities to the way you arrange and decorate your interiors. Feng shui is not a static approach to decor in the home. The key element is to go with the flow of Chi energy.

Now that we understand, visualize a current that is slow and meandering, easy and unencumbered.

The way I do that is to imagine myself on the Yellow Brick Road along with the Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow.

Living in this spectacular place, I often refer to myself as Dorothy with Ruby Slippers. Her last words were something like “Well Toto, there’s no place like home!” I believe that to be true, and that is why I concentrate on the energy in the home with the art of feng shui.

Allow for the gentle movement (like the curves of the yellow brick road) when you arrange your furniture. Let your indoor traffic turn delicately rather then shoot forward in a straight and hostile manner.

Always try to feel the energy of your room. Let it be clean and crisp rather than heavy, and vibrant rather then stale.

When the time comes to select colors, materials and fabrics, let the harmony of elements prevail and allow for the true balance that comes with yin and yang.

Pay close attention to the entry door in your home. Allow the yang energy to reign supreme at this entrance into your place of peace and joy.

If you have a foyer, let it be free from clutter and spacious to allow for the Chi to settle and accumulate there. Study this area and let it be a porthole of energy that very well might change the way you think and feel about everything.

Feeling as good as you can is why I devote myself to the art of good decorating for myself and my clients.

Diamond Riegel is an interior design consultant and owner of Designs by Diamond, Bluffton. diamondbydesign@aol.com