When looking for a high fidelity experience, every component plays a critical role, whether it be the amp, digital analog converter, or various cables. Perhaps the most glamorous of all the components are speakers.

Most likely to be seen when walking into a space, as well as the final component between your music source and your ears, these are usually in the forefront of an audio equipment purchase, with many buyers choosing a set of speakers, and then selecting the right components to amplify and push music to them.

When choosing, we must take into consideration what specific function the speakers will serve. Are they for indoor or outdoor use?

Are they for ambient music, a surround sound theatre experience, or critical listening to your favorite recording artists and their latest releases?

By looking at speakers applied to the ambient scenario, we can also cover the question of “indoor or outdoor.”

If your goal is to have your favorite music while lounging by the pool, consideration of the impact the elements will have on your speakers is of primary importance.

Bowers and Wilkins has tackled the issues of rain, heat, and more with the AM-1 Architectural Monitor, a weatherproof speaker designed for wall mounting, with cast aluminum wall brackets that allow 110-degree rotation from their center.

These speakers are constructed with an auxiliary bass radiator to the rear, offering exceptional bass response while still allowing the housing to be sealed.

For indoor ambient music, B&W offers a wide range of in-ceiling speakers in the CI 600 series. Featuring magnetic grills for a tight fit to sheet rock surface, these low-profile speakers not only blend into any environment, but with Kevlar cone bass-midrange drivers and Nautilus swirl-loaded aluminum dome tweeter that pivots, these speakers can also be used in home theatre applications.

While the speakers described so far provide a superior experience, Bowers and Wilkins’ technology gets the best opportunity to shine with speakers in bookshelf or floor-standing formats.

Whether for critical listening or incorporating the speakers into a surround sound system, features like Decoupled Double Dome aluminum tweeters set the B&W sound well above the pack.

Seen in the CM series, this tweeter design allows for accurate reproduction of highs while preventing audible distortion.

B&W 800 series floor-standing speakers break the mold with Diamond tweeters, Kevlar drivers and matrix vented-box system, all designed to provide the audio experience of a lifetime.

Ultimately, when it comes to speakers, hearing is believing.

Visit your local audio-video integrator to discuss your audio needs and to get an earful of just how amazing your audio system can be.

Carlos Ramos is the sales and marketing manager with Custom Audio Video in Bluffton.