When do you call your local audio video integrator? Most people will reach out to an expert when they need a new TV mounted, when looking to have surround sound installed, or when the occasional problem with existing equipment pops up.

While all these are great reasons to pick up the phone and talk to someone with the skills and experience to make your vision of a perfect entertainment system a reality, would it surprise you to find out that the expertise of many integrators extends to much more than just TVs and sound systems?

While the different areas that AV integrators delve into can vary widely, one that sparks a great deal of interest is hidden or “disappearing” technologies.

With several manufacturers leading the way in devices that camouflage televisions, making disappear what some consider an eyesore in an interior painstakingly designed to meet the aesthetic of the homeowner has become a snap.

At the head of the pack in television concealment is Media Décor with products like the Art Lift and Moving Art. Each product line is a variation on a theme; art that, at the tap of a button, slides away to reveal your TV.

Media Décor’s Art Lift comes in three formats.

First is the Eclipse Vertical, billed as the world’s first silent, precision electronic sliding lift. Known for having no visible tracks, its precise and ultra-silent movement slides artwork in an up or down direction.

As with all Media Décor art lift solutions, frames, art, panels or even mirrors can be selected from the myriad of choices they provide, or from your own personal collection.

The second Art Lift style is the Dual Eclipse, which is made up of dual “split” panels where one panel slides to the left and the other to the right, in perfect synchronization.

Lastly, there is the Eclipse Horizontal, a single panel that slides left or right.

In the Moving Art product line, Media Décor again has variants on a salient design feature, which in this case is a patented system where artwork “scrolls” up or down into the device’s frame.

The variants for the Moving Art design are the Elite, the Allure and the Illusion, with differences being in frame design and raised mounting vs. mounting flush with a wall.

Much can be written about art lifts and hidden technologies, but the only way to fully grasp the impact these marvelous technologies can make is by seeing them in action. Visit your local audio video integrator and ask to see the latest innovations, including those that preserve the beauty of your home.

Carlos Ramos is the sales and marketing manager with Custom Audio Video in Bluffton. www.custom-audio-video.com