“The Pinks Have It” by Sue Grilli

There’s a new artist in town, and her works are now on exhibit at La Petite Gallerie.

Sue Grilli has joined the roster of outstanding artists in the small gallery at 56 Calhoun St. in Old Town Bluffton.

Grilli’s work is a joyful treat to experience. Her florals as well as her abstract creations elicit more than just visual pleasure. Describing her florals she says, “A garden filled with flowers presents an everlasting inspiration for art. Although there is so much beauty in nature, I am not just painting the flowers. I am painting how the flowers make you feel.”

Grilli’s love for the arts began at a young age and blossomed as she majored in art education. She studied at the Atlanta College of Art as well as under several recognized artists. Now, based in her home studio in Bluffton, she has continued to grow and explore the beauty of nature.

Grilli has always been active in her local community arts centers in the Atlanta area, and is looking forward to doing the same in Bluffton. Sharing her joy of painting with others, she invites that spark of creativity within all of us.

At La Petite, visitors will find sculpture, acrylic, oil and watercolor paintings, blown and fused glass, whimsical and soulful clay pieces, wonderful copper “spinners,” fish, turtles, birds and other fun garden art.

For more information, visit lapetitegallerie.com.