Hargray’s Bluffton team gifts a sweepstakes winner with an iRobot Roomba vacuum. The sweepstakes provide current and potential customers with cool connected devices.

While many companies deprioritize customer service, others make it a priority to ensure a good customer experience.

In the world of automation, many businesses are replacing human support for recordings and bots. Some buyers prefer the convenience of going online for help, but others can be deterred by the lack of human interaction when a conversation is needed.

When choosing a product or service, some people prefer more traditional channels of support. When businesses don’t advertise active contact information and make it difficult to reach an actual support person, customers can be left feeling unheard and helpless.

So, is old fashion customer service still important today? We will let you decide!

The facts (according to recent research):

• Friendly employees or customer service representatives are what make a memorable experience that causes consumers to stick with a brand, according to 73% of customers (Harris Interactive).

• About one in three people (30%) say the most important aspect of customer service is speaking with a knowledgeable and friendly agent (Microsoft).

• 52% of consumers say they have made an additional purchase from a company after a positive customer service experience (Dimensional Research).

• 70% of consumers say they have already made a choice to support a company that delivers great customer service (American Express).

• When asking consumers what impacts their level of trust with a company, offering excellent customer service ranked No. 1 (Dimensional Research).

• Across the globe, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand (Microsoft).

At Hargray, our mission is to envision and deliver customer delight. Customer delight, one of Hargray’s core values, is the process of exceeding a customer’s expectations to create a positive interaction and ongoing experience.

We make ourselves available in many ways, including call, chat, email, brick and mortar Community Engagement Centers, and in-home service appointments. Our direct sales representatives even distribute their mobile numbers so you can carry on an ongoing conversation with one person who understands your needs.

We strive to attract and retain associates that have genuine care for customers and ensure that those associates have a positive experience as a part of our organization.

If you are passionate about good customer service and believe you have the ability to surprise and delight our community by joining Hargray’s growing family, go to careers.hargray.com to view open positions.

Jason Carnes is general manager of Hargray.