Color trends in interior decorating and design are always in transition from dark to light to dark again. Of course, the current trends are intended to make your prior color choices outdated or tired looking.

Did you know your perception of color changes throughout your life? At birth, we see only black, white and gray. Within a week’s time, however, a baby begins to see the first hue – red.

As we age, color perception alters. One might say the intensity of color shades decreases so that more contrast is needed, and tones become more difficult to distinguish.

Now you can understand how color choices for interior spaces are important for both young and old.

It is a scientific fact that color stimulates our senses. Red excites most people. Would you believe it quickens your pulse and makes your heart beat a bit faster?

Ever wonder why restaurants often choose shades of red in their décor? Red is known to stimulate the appetite; therefore, you will order more food (thus more revenue for the restaurant).

Blue is very calming, as are shades of lavender and violet. I recently was commissioned to update the premises occupied by several psychologists. I chose several shades and combinations of blues, lavenders and violets to establish a peaceful and tranquil space for both the doctors and their clients.

Every person responds to colors differently. Your color harmony might quiet and soothing, or it might excite and ignite passion and joy with the use of more dramatic colors.

I believe selecting the best shades ands colors is both a science and an art. A home has to have harmony – a pleasing arrangement of different elements that join together to make the residents feel joy in their space. Color is part of that harmony.

My job as a designer is to break down the fear of color boundaries and push the envelope for my clients.

I love the art of color design. It’s my passion!

Diamond Riegel is an interior design consultant and owner of Designs by Diamond, Bluffton.